Monday, June 8, 2009

italians do it better?

i don't know if italians do it better. but they do it very well, without a doubt... what is 'it'? in this case, techno. and to be specific, deep tripping techno. what the ssgs call 'mindfuck' or 'headfuck' techno.

dozzy in london

donato dozzy makes his long awaited debut in london this friday night at the bleep43 party (it is funny that for me, at least, a dj as good as omar s has basically been an afterthought). very, very excited about this... if you are at the party, feel free to say "hi". i'll be up front and centre for all of donato's set dancing my ass off. i'll probably be wearing a white t-shirt and you can get a rough idea of what i look like over at my twitter page. and donato is playing 10-2, before omar is on 2-6, so i'd strongly suggest getting there nice and early to hear donato warm the place up in style. hope to see some ssgs there!

team italia

while donato might be at the vanguard of pushing deep, headfuck techno, he is certainly not the only one. there is a group of talented producers and djs continuing to push really distinctive sounds (a few of which have already been featured here). so i thought this would be a good opportunity to feature some sets worth checking from 'other' italians. instead of describing the mixes, i'll let you discover for yourself. while there are some points of overlap and reference, each mix is definitely doing something different and i'd recommend giving them all a run.

dino sabatini (modern heads) - #2# mix, 2009

nuel @ classic club, june 2008

rossella - net28 promo set, may 2009 (link fixed)

giorgio gigli - minimalismo italiano mix

natural/electronic.system. - mix, may 2008

neel @ neo club, 2008

obtane promo mix may 2009

i know there are others (like brando lupi), but haven't been able to find any mixes from them. so if you have any similar mixes or suggestions, please post them in the comments section.

enjoy these and hopefully i'll be seeing some of you on friday night at bleep43 for what should be an awesome night of techno!


  1. The link for the Rosella mix is broken.

  2. so it is... trying to sort a mirror now.

  3. Omar S killed in Detroit, at a small daytime rooftop party Sunday during DEMF. I bet he plays a little different in a late night set, but honestly seeing Omar was the high point of the weekend for me.

    And Omar S isn't a technical DJ -- he's a solid mixer but it wasn't about tricks or twitching the EQs as lining up the right tracks in the right order and bringing new tracks in at just the right time. Brilliant.

  4. thanks chris!

    and indeed, italians DO it better. it must be something in the air, or in their food ... the pizza's and pasta's ... no? :-)

  5. I only just saw Dax DJ's charts on RA and listened to his podcast yesterday. Old house plus good new house and a lot of fun with it. He also runs some pretty good-looking nights.

  6. Wow, wow, WOW! Thanks for all the great music! This is gonna keep my ears both busy and (extremely) happy for the next few days! Thanks much!!!

    Also, off topic real quick. If anyine has yet to check out Peter Van Hoesen's Get the Curse poddie yet, I URGE you to do so immediately. There are some truly incredible moments in there.

  7. I am really kind of jealous that you have the opportunity to see Dozzy over there in London!
    Although living in Berlin and having the opportunity to go to Berghain and other places on a regular basis, I haven´t discovered Dozzy being in the city for quite a while:-/

    Nevertheless, have lots of fun!

  8. @ markus: i am pretty sure donato played at watergate earlier this year at a wagon repair party...

  9. Really? Seems I did not pay that much attention as I thought...

    Doesn´t make me feel better:-)

  10. nice! how fucking sweet is the 27-35min section from the natural/electronic.system podcast?! Great stuff.

  11. There's also a great label by that name, not techno but still... love the mixes and the moroder pic hehe

  12. You guys are getting props on the Onelove forum:

  13. well, technically that would be Great Stuff :) nevermind, not that much of a fan. but I definitely hope that it did not monopolize a qualitative appraisal, as term. hopefully, they are not that good that any association should directly point to the label :)

  14. Well, Donato Dozzy was amazing, but I didn't have the stamina to stay out for much of Omar S. Chris, it was good to meet you briefly on the dancefloor — was anyone recording the sets? I'd love to know what the acidic track was that Dozzy ended the (seemingly) ten minute wormhole of bass with.

    Let's hope he comes back to London soon, and not to play somewhere gargantuan and horrible like Fabric... Maybe Cio D'Or next time as well?

  15. What's the beef with Derrick?. As on your twitter page?

  16. @ harry: was great to meet you too. pretty sure that track is by emmanuel top. and keep your fingers crossed for the recording.

    @ lom: basically i was just a bit pissy he was talking politics at me, explaining how it is. given that my work is actually researching politics, i struggled with much of what he was saying.

    full report on the party during the week.

  17. Ahhh you guys nail it again. Still chewing through the Italian sets but as soon as I see Dozzy / Gigli / Nuel / Rossella I know they're gonna be good. And they are.

    Nuel @ Classic Club has gone straight to the top of my faves (and what is that last track with the chopped up 'techno' vocal ?! That sure gets me bustin' moves : )

    Nice also to have really high qual d/l's.

    Dozzy & Nuel together I discovered on a recent Bleep 43'cast ( and man they do it well together. Lordy lordy.

    Waiting with baited breath for the Delta Funktionen today. This guy is quality all the way. Seriously good. Also switched me on to the Delsin label.

    Thanks yet again guys. You're fantastic for putting these up.

  18. Cheers Chris- I've been into the Italian techno sound for a while now, i'm sure it must be something in the water over there...

    I'm downloading these now, but there's a few others I've posted on that are wrth a listen too, particularly php 07 by Dozzy and Nuel, which i think is fantastic.

  19. @ mj: yeah, the aguaplano sessions mix is brilliant. was listening to that earlier today... also make sure to check the latest post - there is another set from nuel there, which is great.

  20. Finally listened to the Dino Sabatini mix. Wowsers! If anyone knows what the penultimate track which is an absolute headspinner i would be extra grateful. It's about 45mins (and maybe track before that too). Great stuff. And to echo the italian tip. Yes it is defintely the quality deep sound at the mo. Super hypnotic.

  21. Hey Benga, the track you are looking for is from Modern Heads " Take it to the other side " MGLTD021 - Point of view E.P.


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