Saturday, June 27, 2009

mx30 - silent servant: tracklisting

hope everyone has been enjoying silent servant's 'la segunda'. this is definitely one of the best techno mixes i've heard so far this year. and here is the tracklisting for all those interested:

1. Kim Rapatti (Mood EP/ Untilted II)
2. Decimal (Spatial Remedy)
3. Levon Vincent (Early Reflections)
4. Dave Hughes (From The Beginning)
5. JD power tools (B2)
6. Frozen boarder 01 (A)
7. Redshape (The Box)
8. Ben Klock (Grasp)
9. Planetary Assualt Systems (Mark Me)
10. N/A Variance (Marcel Dettmann edit)
11. Edit Select (Restrained)
12. Radio Slave (Neverending...)
13. Shena (T++ rmx)
14. Technose district ( killer record!!!)
15. Redshape (Plonk)
16. Abuser 1 (b2)
17. Silent servant (Violencia/Kalon mix)
18. Sleeparchive (Elephant Island)
19. Christian Morgenstern (Spiegelkerker)
20. Mark Broom (Black Russian)
21. Norman Nodge (Native Rhythm Electric)
22. Kirk Degiorgio (I Do Not Exist)
23. Maurizio ploy (UR mix)
24. CH-Signal Laboratories (Regis Edit/Sandwell District 12 )
25. Electromagnetic Dowsing / synth 1(Deepchord/Mike Huckaby mix)

next ssg mx, care of giorgio gigli, will be up on monday.


  1. I actually put off listening to this mix all week, cos I knew if I'd listened to it earlier I'd have been distracted. Well I finally got round to it and it has blown me away. Great track selection and great mixing too!

  2. I love the

    > ( killer record!!!)

    Ha ha ha!!!

    Surprisingly few comments on this post.

  3. Killer record indeed!

    That track is rocking my socks off right now! :D

  4. damn...i know im kinda behind in things, but this mix is awsome...its like half of the stuff i usually play, too.


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