Saturday, June 20, 2009

mx29 - delta funktionen: tracklisting

here is the tracklisting for delta's excellent ssg mix. fittingly it includes the classic record 'dead eye' by baby ford, which was co-produced by ian loveday, aka eon, who sadly passed away this week.

sven weisemann - rootless [essays]
tony allen - ole (moritz von oswald remix) [honest jon's]
cv313 - dimensional [echospace detroit]
ribn - ctrl [styrax leaves]
ben klock ft. elif biçer - ok [ostgut tontrager]
plastikman - spaz [plus 8 records ltd.]
eqd - equalized 002 [equalized]
mike dehnert - one [fachwerk]
kassem mosse - untitled [workshop]
mlz - onestate [modern love]
baby ford - dead eye [ifach]
t++ - audio1995#8 [apple pips]
pom pom - untitled [pom pom]
the subliminal kid - to the south [off-key industries ltd.]
maurizio - domina (maurizio mix) [maurizio]
len faki - bx 3 [ostgut tontrager]
various artist - 8 (ae mix) [fatcat records]
hardfloor - the thrill acid theme (e.r.p. remix) [hardfloor]

enjoy this mix for a few more days before mx30 comes on monday...


  1. the inclusion of BX3 makes me automatically question the taste of the dj. what a god awful track.

  2. i agree, BX3 is awful. but i've also heard dettmann play it, van hoesen play it... i don't understand why everyone seems to like it.

    that said, i don't hold it against delta. i thought it was a good mix, bx3 aside.

    and he included audio1995#8. what. a. tune.

  3. i must admit i find BX3 a bit of a guilty pleasure...

  4. I know why they all play it-cos it's on ostgut tonrager is why! I think it's terrible too but it was the only letdown of an otherwise excellent mix.

  5. I don't think it's bad to the point you could call it a letdown. It's a pretty awesome mix.

    BUT. I do think Len Faki makes same sounding shit after same sounding shit and it annoys me. Does he think we listeners can't tell it's all the same elements appearing over and over again!?!? We are not stupid!!

  6. I think BX3 works well in a club. It also has a place in this mix. But overall, it is very similar to what has been done previously by Len Faki (good or bad). I would be curious how the BX3 haters think of Shed's That Beats Everything on Shedding the Past (Ostgut as well) :)

  7. that beats everything and bx3 are two different types of tracks imo . so i think saying that if you hate bx3 you cant like TBE , which is what you i think you were implying ? bx3 uses the same template that the likes of sci + tec use but with slightly better/berghain friendly sounds where as TBE is class . i hope bx3 is not a sign that the current resurgence in good techno is starting to get diluted already .

  8. Ha ha I love how this has become a 'what do you think of BX3' discussion all of a sudden!
    I don't have a problem with Faki-I loved Mekong Delta- I just think BX3 is over the top and obvious and it doesn't really fit with the rest of the mix. As for the Shed track I actually loved it. There's something very pure about it even though it's another bangin tune and I don't think BX3 could even be compared to it.
    And Barry-there's no way one weak track is going to start diluting the scene when there are so many amazing producers out there doing their own thing and shaping their own style.

  9. I actually wasn't implying any similarity. I was only curious to see the opinion on that track from a very very pragmatical reason: it was the first track that came into my mind when I was thinking about what could replace the BX3 in this mix :) So I just checked.

    And yet again, maybe it's too much fuss about BX3, although I think it will be played a lot. I think it really does not take out any value from this performance of DF, a great ssg mix.

    And off topic: I would be curios to see what the ssg's think about the Faki mix Berghain mix CD :) Ok, I'm not pushing it, but I am happier to see that the discussion is about BX3 now, compared to 1-2 years, when the discussion was about dubfire's conversion.

  10. i think the most important thing about this mix is the fact it has not one but TWO halfbeat mixes in it.

  11. @ zee: i really didn't like the faki mix cd, i don't think PC did either. i thought it was very weak and poorly put together.

  12. I agree with Chris, while the Faki mix had some great tracks on it, it was very badly laid out and I was surprised(and a little disgusted) that he relyed on classic tracks like 'The Man With The Red Face' and 'Timbuktu' to finish off the mix. I mean, if you're on a night out and you hear a classic every now and then, it's great and I usually go nuts, but on a mix like that I think it was starting to sound like a Minstry of Sound compilation towards the end!

  13. @ Chris and Dave: thanks! Lately I listened to some of his "party mixes" (4-5), he almost always closes with 'The Man With The Red Face' :). I really think it's interesting to see him work that close with the Berghain/Ostgut crew and still so different (and since what comes out from them is usually good, different is in a negative sense now). Nevertheless, nowadays it's almost pressuring to use classic tracks in a set...I guess it's harder to select from them than from the fresh releases. Thanks again, and sorry for the side-track in the comments.

    Great DF mix, again!

  14. I have to say the first half of this wasn't what I was expecting having heard the other DF sets posted! I was expecting darkness all the way...

    Excellent mix though, some great tracks in it. I have to say I don't mind BX3, it has power as a dancefloor track.

  15. What is the Pom Pom number ? :)

    (I'm so tired, I dont want download all the label on soulseek...)

  16. Ok, finaly, I had check that. This is Pom pom 31 :)


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