Wednesday, April 29, 2009

taste test

mike dehnert has been putting out some quality techno over the last few years on his own fachwerk label. and well you know us, we like our techno... so i asked mike to do a ssg mx, and he agreed to try to put something together in the coming months for all of us. in the meantime, he kindly provided this little to treat to get us in the mood:

mike dehnert - short live act cut, berlin (april 2009)

just a warning so you don't get too excited, it is short. but. but it also happens to be really good. consider it a nice taste test for his ssg mx, which should hopefully come at some stage over the european summer...


  1. That's really weird, I was just listening to Black Smoke when I clicked on my ssgs link, and up comes Mike Dehnert. You guys are definitely on my wavelength. Looking forward to the mix Mike!

  2. Love the Colombage EP too. Cost me an arm and a leg importing off Clone but worth every penny.

  3. love this guy`s work... pump pump, ha ha

  4. !could you do me a favour? MD once had a track in his myspace player called "FM COMP" which was a short clip of one of his live acts. maybe you guise could ask him about this little thingy^_^? I'd love to hear it again!11one1

  5. PS:my email is


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