Friday, April 10, 2009

back in the J

sorry for the radio silence. been a ridiculous week or so. finished my phd thesis which i've spent the last 4 years of my life on, so this means a bit more time for other things, including the ssgs, so expect some more posts from me soon. this blog has been a really good outlet for stress and support a lot of the time, so thanks to everyone that has contributed along the way.

anyway, ssg headquarters is now firmly in tokyo. here on a short holiday to see my fellow ssg cam and the other delights of j-land. unfortunately, though, i managed to pick the 2 weekends when there arent many good parties on. last friday we went to catch don williams at module. after his recent set, which was excellent, i had high hopes, but in the end, we were all pretty disappointed. he started off really strong, but after about 30 minutes of cool jacking house, he got formulaic and lost us. i felt like part of it was the fact he was laptop DJ'ing. all the mixes were just a bit too nicely beatmatched. i am not sure exactly what it was, but i had a very similar reaction when i saw konrad black play a while back too. anyway, the don started with 'rise' by phuture, which i dont think i'd ever heard about before, so i'll cut him some slack. this friday will give soundstream a go, so fingers crossed he is a bit better...

in other news, glad everyone has been digging the kevin gorman mix. i've had it on repeat since first getting it. seriously special stuff. i'll be posting the next mix, which is from XDB, later day when i work out how to tag files on macs. hmm. as you may have noticed, we know much more about techno than we do about computers...


  1. i saw soundstream about a month ago and it has been the best night out i've had so far this year, and he played only vinyl so no problems with 'a bit too nicely beatmatched mixes' (btw i don't mind laptop djing and perfect beatmatching)

    ps. congrats on finishing your phd thesis

  2. I just have to say that I have been a reader/follower for a while now, since the eli verveine mix, and I love your blog. seriously. but I have never commented until now. I just want to say I love your guys work. I love the music you post and talk about. It is really opening my eyes to more electronic music. before your blog i think i was just a little to into mainstream music but I love your blog's mixes as well as commentary on life and music. Keep it up!

  3. When did u take this picture? Not bad!!

  4. Modify the name and song data on Information richt-clicking on the mp3 you want to tag.
    It's a id3v2 tag, so if you want to make it better open it on WInamp (PC) or try another soft... I use both iTunes and Winamp

  5. Of course, blame the laptop, it can't be the DJ's fault.


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