Monday, April 13, 2009

mnml ssgs mx25: XDB

it is just under a year since we started off this series with bvdub, and now we've just cracked 25. crazy. and what better way to hit the quarter of a century mark than with XDB. 

XDB has quietly been making a name from himself with a string of impressive releases, primarily on his own label, metrolux music. along with producers like patrice scott and arne weinberg, he is pushing a sound that is clearly influenced by detroit but not trapped by that legacy. with eps scheduled on his own label and wavetec (run by francois k), remixes of aaron carl's 'crucified' on millions of moments, as well as tracks on forthcoming sistrum and workshop releases, XDB is definitely someone to be keeping an eye on over the next year. 

cam and i connected up with XDB at the labyrinth festival last year in japan. it was the opening night that he played (from memory), and he put together a deep set that really impressed us. over the weekend we had a chance to chat quite a bit and what i really noticed - beyond him being a nice guy - is his musical knowledge. i like to think that i know a fair bit when it comes to techno and house, but i felt like i complete amateur next to kosta (XDB). this guy really knows his shit. which definitely bodes well when it comes to DJ'ing...

by the time labyrinth had finished i knew he'd be perfect for the ssg series and i'm really glad he has been able to contribute. it is a live recording from a set he played recently and i think it is a good representation of his sound - a carefully blended mix of the old and the new, detroit and beyond. 

mnml ssgs mx25: XDB @ fundbureau, hamburg 13.3.09

big thanks to XDB for this. you can find more info at his myspace. and if you happen to be in or near manchester on 25 april, there is a metrolux music label night with XDB and arne weinberg that'd definitely be worth checking. it is put on by erosion, who look like one of the crews in manchester that are putting on some seriously quality parties.

ok, not sure when the next ssg mix is, so enjoy this one for now...


  1. wow, never heard of this guy before. Really great mix, thanks a lot. Love the blog!

  2. woww, awesome stuff again, gonna check this guy out more carefully..
    awesome mix.
    keep up the good love for techno! quality stuff, all of 'em, thanks!

  3. tracklist would be awesome , is it possible?

  4. Got a listen to both parts yesterday. Great stuff. Especially part 2.

    Thanks again to the ssgs for pointing me in XDB's direction :)

  5. wow, great stuff....especially part two is excellent. does anybody know the track around 38:00 min of pt2 ???

  6. ITs really not cool to the artist to withold a tracklisting

  7. chill...they post tracklists a few days later...maybe a week later maximum. just enjoy the tunes and worry about who they are later.

    also...fcuk yeah XDB kills it !

  8. @ Anonymous

    Anonymous said...
    ITs really not cool to the artist to withold a tracklisting


    Does it take away from the quality of the listening experience if you don't know the artist/tracks?

  9. I like the idea of not knowing, of the DJ keeping secrets. I realize these days everybody wants to share everything, and if you choose not to, your a shit.

    I enjoy the distance between me and the DJ, and the fact he knows something I don't, can do something I can't. I think a large part of respect for the DJ comes from this. I see no reason why it should be made easy for the listener, it certainly was not easy for the DJ.

    If you love these tracks, go out and look for them, explore the mystery, you might find them you might not, but who knows what else you will find along the way.

    Oh yeah, very strong mix, thanks.

  10. Tracklisting here:

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