Monday, April 27, 2009

dream stream

rarely has procrastination been as productive as it was yesterday. i hit on a couple of amazing sets which i haven't seen elsewhere. one slight problem. they. all. are. streaming. grrrrrrr. i hate streaming! and i completely lack the ability to work out what the original audio source is, or how to rip it in a way so it still sounds decent. anyway, here they are. if anyone can work out how to rip any/all of them, can they please do so and upload them onto a filesharing site and post it in the comments or email it to us? EDIT - links added. thanks ssgs.

donnacha costello livepa @ private party, berlin 1-2009

a brand new livepa from donnacha composed completely of new and recent material. 'holy crap' i hear you say. yes. holy crap. the oldest track on this is 'black bag job' and the transition he does to this from 'trust' is very nice... most of the set is made up of material from the first two releases on his new label, look long. quite a few tracks of the 2nd ep - which sound a bit weak on their own - work much better in the mix. simply put, this is totally awesome. please, please can someone get a mp3 version of this for me/us?

direct or rapidshare

tobias. livepa @ clapper, tokyo 11-2008

i came across this while trying to find a place where i could purchase a mp3 copy of tobias' new track, 'clapper', which i am big fan of. while unsuccessful in that regard, i did chance upon this recording. it doesn't include 'clapper' unfortunately, but plenty of other gems. there is also a liveset here from 2007 (which has already done the rounds) and a podcast mix (which i don't think has).

clapper (rapidshare) and island (direct)

ben klock: knister knaster radio mix

not sure what to say about this despite the obvious: it is a new set from klock. and of course, it rocks. klock is a very tight, reliable DJ. always know what you are getting with him. and that is seriously quality techno.

direct ostgut radio

continuing on with the berghainers, over at there are new/recent mixes from the gang: dettmann, fengler, steffi, tama sumo and tobias. need i say more?

there you go: heaps of awesome music you can't put on your ipod/phone/mp3player/etc. can someone please, please get a mp3 version of donnacha? it is soooooooooooooo good.


  1. All streaming? Nooooooooooooooooooooooo

  2. Yeah streaming sucks. Would love to hear an mp3 of the Klock mix...

  3. There's some good software to capture streaming audio, but none of them captures the original. Instead, they record from your sound card as the audio streams.


    1. Audacity:

    2. Free Sound Recorder:


    3. Soundflower:

    I'm recording Donnacha Costello as I type with Free Sound Recorder. ;)


  4. Tobias & Donnacha sets:

    They're both good, but I'd like the Klock set if anyone can post it...

  5. Pretty easy on some of these if you use a tool to see where the browser is downloading:

    The Ben Klock one, unfortunately, does a little more authentication.


    What tool do u use to see this??? I don't do much web so I couldn't think of much beyond looking at the page source, which did not tell me too much!!

  7. Just use the "Download Helper" application for the Firefox browser. It downloads all kinds of streams easily!!

  8. yep .. that Donnacha set is so delicate .. esp the intro .. very nice

  9. Here is the link for the Klock-Set

  10. Great work chaps. Looking forward to Donnacha and the Klockster.

  11. Link to the Download Helper tool for Firefox users:
    It works very nicely.

  12. Chris, you can buy clapper on Beatport! Release date = today! ;-)

  13. Loving the Costello - such a warm, distinctive sound.

  14. i just find tobias to be so very techno love his stuff. love the whole machine thing

  15. Really like the Costello set. Really FRESH.

  16. Costello set is awesome. Quite a typical deep house palette of sounds for the most part, but as the commenter before me said, sounds so fresh. Really gorgeous stuff, hope to see him again soon.


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