Wednesday, April 29, 2009

bleep bleep!

new dozzy set. get excited! in the leadup to the donato dozzy's debut in london on 12 june, the always excellent bleep43 has a downbeat mix from the professor:

bleep43 podcast 134 - donato dozzy

to be honest, i've been sitting on this mix for a while and i am very, very happy it is seeing the light of day. i can confidently say that this is one of the most heavily played mixes of 2009 for me. it has kept me company during many late nights in the office. he really pitches the BPMs down on this - really heady, trippy stuff...

i'm going to be heading over to london for the weekend for this party. looking forward to seeing dozzy again. and well, omar s, i guess that is just a very nice sweetner! i am presuming quite a few ssgs will be attendance so i'll see you all there.


  1. I will be seeing / hearing / experiencing Dozzy this saturday in Amsterdam. Looking forward to it. :-)

  2. What - you withhold a Dozzy set from your DD starving minions ?! tsk tsk
    Downloading ...


  3. Man how low slung is this little number ?!
    Can't wait for my next night out just to have this on when I get home !
    Seems Dozzy can do no wrong. Also 320 kbps to boot. Score.

  4. @ srdic: when i received it, the mix was not for spreading, as tempted as i was. i figured it'd be out sooner or later anyway. and these sounds are timeless. as you said, very low slung...

  5. Excellent, can't wait to roll up a PHAT one and check this one out haha :)

  6. cheers chaps, and many thanks to Donato for the mix. Looking forward to his set a lot - get there early as he's kicking off proceedings at 10 through till 2.

  7. Tasty, nutritious Dozzyness. Bloody well hate Tangerine Dream though...

  8. Finally got around to listening to this one, such a chill mix.


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