Tuesday, March 3, 2009

bugging out

wow. in the de:bug readers' poll for 2008 it appears we were voted 5th for blogs (i presume this is a good thing, according to google translate it is). things like this, combined with all the kind words and notes we've received from readers, really gives us the motivation to keep mnml ssgs going strong. apologies if this post is a bit self-indulgent, but i really did just want to thank everyone out there for all the tremendous support. this is a big honour!

expect plenty more in the months to come. at the moment we are lining up some ssg casts from people we are really excited about and have quite a few other ideas we are playing around with.

thanks again for all the support.


  1. Well done guys, totally deserved, you run a great site. It keeps my ears very happy.

  2. Ssgs you deserve #1! I think you should throw a ssgs party to celebrate :-) JP

  3. I agree - should indeed be #1, but to those of us in the know - it is anyway.

    Hey - those Eli Verveine sets .... funny how some things take a little while to hit but man - how good are they ?! deep deep deep
    Those and the two Delta Funktionen sure have me entertained big time at the mo'.


  4. Nice one. Especially given you are the only English language site on the list. I'm sure the other sites are fantastic but for language reasons I'll never know. (which on the plus side leaves me a loyal ssgs reader). congrats

  5. I love the ssg cast series: mike parker, peter van hoesen, silent servant, and donato dozzy being my favorites. And I would die to hear a ssg cast from Sleeparchive. Just putting it out there...

  6. @ mister: tried that one a while ago. no luck i'm afraid...

    and thanks for the kind words guys. greatly appreciated.

  7. Betalounge Carsten Jost and Lawrence is one of my favourite mixes
    Also check on Betalounge Kenneth Christiansen from Echocord label (2 mixes available write Kenneth in the search archives bar) and Henry and Harre.
    Definitely my favourites mixes since a long long time !

  8. indeed, the Kenneth sets are the deal. thanks

  9. well deserved.

    how do you listen to real audio? i'm using firefox and it says I need an extra plugin, but it's not downloading. is there any way to get an mp3 file off it?

  10. Danny - perhaps move from Firefox ?
    I used it for quite a while but now am using Google Chrome (beta) - and in my opinion it blows Firefox out of the water.
    Very nice clean interface, and nowhere near this issue with plugins that f/f had.

  11. I've tried it out, but on another computer. I have a Mac :( really mad I went with it btw.

    I've tried getting it to work in Safari and Opera but both ask for the same plugin. I downloaded the real plugin manually and it still doesn't work. Oh wells.

  12. me either (I'm also on Firefox). I haven't come across Real files in a long time.

  13. i don't read those other blogs but you're #1 in my book.


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