Monday, March 30, 2009

bits to pieces

ok, a brief post but some sets that need sharing. thanks to all the great response from the natural/electronic.system. mix. just a warning - at this stage there is no tracklist from them so don't get your hopes up. and better late than never, but here are the ones for the previous two mixes:

mnml ssgs mx22: eric cloutier

00. potuznik - the traveler turned around [cheap records]
01. audion - i am the car [unknown]
02. dub taylor - human shades #18 [opossum recordings]
03. gonno - i don't need competition [beyond]
04. pepe bradock - deep burnt [kif recordings]
05. seth troxler - aphrika [wolf+lamb records]
06. derek marin - bright lights, dark room (osborn remix) [subtrak]
07. omar-s - psychotic photosynthesis [fxhe records]
08. pied plat - double trouble [rush hour]
09. mathias mayer + patlac - skipper [liebe*detail]
10. pan-pot - ape shall never kill ape (cassy remix) [mobilee]
11. steve bug + richie hawtin - low blow [m_nus]
12. the vision - detroit: one circle [metroplex]
13. scott grooves - atmospheric emotions [natural midi]
14. levon vincent - these games [novel sounds]
15. jeremy - #10 b1 [driftwood]

mnml ssgs mx21: cio d'or

Unknown - ? [ ??? ]
Jimi Hendrix - Electric Ladyland [Polydor]
Alka Rex - Shapes to Phases [Supralinear]
Plastikman - Contain (Original Mix) [M_nus]
Donato Dozzy & Cio D´Or - Menta (Nuel Remix) [ ??? ] (Unreleased)
Cio D´Or - Pailletten [Unreleased]
Fernandez Manetta - Ape EP [Ape 001] (Promo)
Giorgio Gigli - Magnetic Field EP [Prologue]
Donato Dozzy & Cio D´Or - Limone [Time To Express] (Release date: 2009-05-25)
Function - Anticipation [Sandwell District]
Sleeparchive - Hospital Tracks [ZZZ]
Damon Wild - Colortheory [MMLP017]
Sleeparchive - Recycle [ZZZ]
Soulrack - Modul Age (Sleeparchive Rmx) [Lab Works Records]
Decimal - Small Moving Pieces - [Enemy LTD]
Claudio PRC - Chiaro Scuro [TQ 3]
Plastikman - Consumed (Original Mix) [M_nus]
Plastikman - Psyk (Original Mix) [M_nus]
Scuba - From Within (Marcel Dettmann Rmx) [A Mutual Antipathy]
Paul Brtschitsch & Cio D´Or - Aroma [Broque]
Ben Klock - Pulse [Klockworks]
Jimi Hendrix - Electric Ladyland [Polydor]

also for people who enjoyed cio's mix, make sure to check her new website. as well as looking pretty fancy, she has also kindly uploaded a collection of old sets. some beauties worth checking. speaking of which, here is some of what i've been enjoying lately:

sandwell district @ planet rose 14.2.09 pt 1 / pt 2 : 4 hours of regis and function doing their thing. how's that for you? yep. i was very excited when this arrived in the inbox. i think this is the first live recording i've heard of these guys playing together, and it's just as good as you'd hope/expect. function and regis work really well together and it is interesting in hearing how different this sounds compared to stuff where regis is playing by himself or was with BMB. this is definitely a bit more restrained, and the better for it i think. that coat of arms pictured above is supposedly sandwell's. there you go... big thanks to louw for sending this through.

hubble @ beat boutique 5.3.09 and hubble @ forget me not 8.1.09: hubble is a new name to me. after cio mentioned him in a conversation i thought i should check him and yep, he's good. don't know too much, but i'm impressed but both of these sets. keen to hear more.

jacek sienkiewicz livepa @ shanti 12.3.09: jacek is a longtime favourite of the ssgs and sets from him a very rare, so enjoy this treat. haven't heard his new CD on cocoon, but very keen to.

samuli kemppi @ texno pistoleros 7.3.09: sorry, i know i post a lot of sets from samuli, but well, that is his fault... this is a collection of his own material. obviously he has been going strong for a while but after listening to this my feeling is that he is really taking his production up a notch. keep it coming.

andrew weatherall - bloodsugar mixes: sound+ come up with the goods again. seriously, the site is just one big treasure chest of amazing music. i have so much respect for what they're doing. this is a collection of mixes from weatherall from 1998-2000 and really gives an excellent representation of that moment in time. if anyone remembers the old force tracks mix weatherall did, some parts of these mixes are reminscent of that, but go far beyond. definitely worth checking.

scorn livepa @ bleep43 12.08: another great edition from the very excellent bleep43 'cast. i'm not quite sure how to describe this. scorn sounds like scorn. definitely one that warps you brain. looking forward to checking out the next bleep party in london on 12 june with omar s and ssg favourite donato dozzy.

ok, that's it. enjoy.


  1. wooo! more sets! Going to see Sandwell District early next month in brooklyn along with Ben Klock, can't wait.

    Sound+ is a great site, real hidden gem.

  2. @ danny: if you are seeing sandwell district next month, i'd almost be tempted to hold off and *not* listen to this set. as much as i love listening to recordings of livesets, the one disadvantage is sometimes it takes something away from when you actually get to see them. last year i made a very conscious decision *not* to listen to any recordings of convextion before seeing him and that was an excellent decision. anyway, just a thought! (i think that is the only time i have actually followed this suggestion).

  3. the Function track on the cio d'or mix is 'Disaffected', Anticipation is the EP name.. theres pedantry for you..

    can't wait to hear this sandwell district mix.. thanks !

  4. Great advice about holding back on listening to the Sandwell set. I was caning Surgeon's RA mix + some older ones in anticipation of seeing him the other week and while I enjoyed his set on the night, parts of it did sound a little familiar.

    I however am not lucky enough to be seeing these guys any time soon so will be lapping up this mix hungrily...

  5. This Sandwell District mix really is special! Great variety in the track selection.

  6. i was on the bubble about going to sandwell district next friday in seattle due to some pressing work obligations--after hearing this set i am confidently going and saying 'fuck off' to work. thanks for posting chris.

  7. just discovered those weatherall 'bloodsugar' mixes in the past year, and they are awesome. Really lovely stuff.

    Would love to go to one of those Bleep parties. Music policy is always top class, and the sound, the venue and the crowd are all meant to be quality. Nice one!

  8. what's funny is all those tracklists for the bloodsugar mixes were compiled by me and a couple friends years ago. i spent so much time trying to figure out those damn records - so many good tunes in there.

    good to see that there's still a bunch unsolved.

  9. i am playing the sandwell mix again. this shit is deadly. the first 10 minutes of the second part is making my brain implode.

  10. yesssss, they even play Capricorn - 20Hz, res-pect.
    one of the first records i got wild on when i was a kid.

  11. Luciano played 20 Hz recently, link below to the vid. First time I heard it and it just blew me away.

    Starts at 3:18

  12. jacek sienkiewicz is the shit! dude is a total freak.
    ive been to several parties where he played, most of them in small clubs - one of the best parties i have ever attended. sick sounds!

  13. I am certainly going to check out those Weatherall mixes. There is also a Breezeblock set of his from the same time period (2000?), which is still the best electro set I have ever heard.

    re: 20Hz. I guess this track is making a comeback, Sasha has reportedly been playing it to. I still love it, it's such an explosion of drums.

  14. Weatherall breeze block electro mix, please someone give me more info! I had it on tape but taped over it after 3 tracks. First track was cylob- sex machine, 2. Aaron carl - down ( electro mix??) I really want to know what the third track was ??? Shazam tagged it as regis untitled ???

    If anyone has any info or an mp3 I'd be very grateful



  15. > samuli kemppi @ texno pistoleros 7.3.09


  16. i fcuking love your blog fellas. you guys blow my world woo!


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