Saturday, March 7, 2009

keeping things ticking

sorry guys, it has been a busy week or two for the ssgs. more soon. but just to keep everyone happy, a few sets i've been listening to:

STL promomix 2007: dug this up today for the first time in a while. given all the love for STL of late, i thought people might be keen for this as it flew under the radar a bit. great mix. get on it.

marcel fengler @ planet rose 31.1.09: it's fengler, enough said. i know i don't like doing IDs, but if anyone can tell me what the record is that comes in around the 17 minute mark, i'd be a happy ssg.

ben klock FACT mix: guessing most of you all have this by now, but just in case...

john osborn 'ceylon royale' mix: i'm really lacking the brain power to say anything of use right now, but if i am posting it, it means i like it. that should be sufficient.

silent servant @ re_invent: oursoundtracks is a nice little site that just got brought to my attention. got a good collection of mixes, many of which i havent seen elsewhere, such as this beauty from our man silent servant.

to finish off, there was a really fantastic response to the jost & lawrence set i posted last week, so i'll try to make a habit of posting classic sets. these are two sets from around the same time as the jost & lawrence one. the early '00s were a really special time music-wise, well for me at least... it was also when kompakt were really coming into their own (from memory), led by michael mayer, the man with the midas touch. well that really should be in past tense... one of the great disappointments of recent years is mayer's fall for grace. he still has moments, but he certainly isn't the dj he once was. there was a time when every record he dropped was pure gold - so much inspiration, feeling, beauty. i just don't feel it from him anymore. the difference is seen with particular clarity between the two immer cds, with the 2nd being a horrible parody of the first. anyway, here are two mixes from mayer that i'd put on equal footing with the first immer mix. again, these are mixes i go back to very regularly. mayer at his very best...

michael mayer @ hamburg city sessions, betalounge 23-03-2002

michael mayer @ love family park 2002



  1. Listening to the Love Family mix you can see why Mayer gets asked to play trance parties. The mixing is kind of perfunctory in places but effective nonetheless. Great stuff.

  2. STL and Promo Mix, there's three words I didn't expect to see together! I took delivery of a whole load of STL towards end of 08, great producer. Low-fi loveliness. Thanks for the post Chris, looking forward to your modyfier mix.

  3. I lost that Mayer Set from Hamburg a long time ago. Very nice to find it again. It is still wonderful. And his Lovepark Set is so uplifting and friendly in its sound. One of my alltime favourites!

  4. for those interested... here is the tracklist to my set. enjoy!

    01. Melchior Productions - zukunft in english (Playhouse)
    02. Agnes & Lee Van Dowski - Louder Elvis (Leena)
    03. Sian - Wear Your Scars Like Medals - Roland Appel Remix (Aus Music)
    04. Guillaume & the Coutu Dumonts - They Only Come Out At Night (Musique Risquee)
    05. Tadeo - IO - Cassy Moving On Mix (Apnea)
    06. Drei Farben House - Menswear (Brut)
    07. Minimal Man - Make A Move PT.1 (Trelik)
    08. Radio Slave No Sleep Part 5 - What Happened? (Rekids)
    09. Danton Eeprom - To The Bone Jaime Jones Percussion Shake Dub (Tsuba)
    10. Christian Burkhardt - Doubledub (Traum Musik)
    11. William Kouam Djoko - Hard Loving (Thirty One Twenty)
    12. Lauhaus - Downunder (Intacto)
    13. Tonny Lasar - Toshiban Kreon & Lemos Remix (Perplex)
    14. Minilogue - Space Rmxs bukaddor & Fishbeck (Traum Musik)
    15. Len Faki - Rainbow Delta (Ost Gut Ton)

  5. thanks for the stl mix. made my day!

  6. lovin those classic sets. i like the mayer ones. i wasn't listening to electronic music in 2002, in any form, really, so i find it interesting to these and get a sense of the times.

  7. Nice mix John O - thanks, and for the track listing too.

    Today also I found some gold on :

    There's an additional Delta Funktionen set there and also some Redshape sets amongst others.

    I find it absolutely amazing what is out there !
    I know many don't like to provide track listings but in doing so doesn't it help individual track sales ? I know I buy 'em if I like like 'em & can identify them.

  8. You guys have been providing some fantastic mixes as of late.

    Especially the two Mayer mixes. Wow. I also wasn't listening to this sort of thing in 2002, but I don't think they really sound like what I think of as the "2002 sound". It almost seems like Mayer was trying to create an emotive- minimal style of music, but since MNML hadn't come around yet, he instead does it using records that only create the "Kompakt Sound" in his incredibly skilled hands.
    Then again, maybe I have no idea what I'm talking about and this was a standard '02 set. Ha ha. Somehow I think not though...

    The transitions in the Love Family Mix are a little messy in some places. Which bothers me for about 1/8 of a second- Until I realize that means the mix isn't over and I get to hear more of this heavenly sound.
    Thanks as always for the great sets! Keep 'em coming.


  9. @ brad: i think that is a pretty accurate description, actually. kompakt at its best is/was about conveying emotions. it has always had a strong pop aesthetic to it in that regard.

    and yeah, the mixing is a bit sloppy in the love family park set, but it can be forgiven. i think often too much emphasis is placed on mixing. it starts and ends with the right records.

  10. @ Chris:
    Totally agree about the mixing. This isn't a turntablist competition. I'll take good flow and feel for record placement any day of the week over dry technicality.

    As per the Mayer- I think what I meant to say is that the Love Family set seems to anticipate the emotive end of Minimal in its feel and tone, despite none of the individual records themselves sounding all that MNML.

    Also thanks for the tip on that Klock mix. Somehow that slipped under my radar, but it's rattling my eardrums and putting a smile on my face big time right now.


  11. like the mayer mixes too. but the fengler mix more.
    thanks ageain boys. love your taste of music 'cause its my taste too:)

  12. anybody a tracklist of the fengler set?
    will be great:)

  13. am just getting around to the mayer set at hamburg city sessions. such an amazing set. i love that phantom/ghost tune on dial10, reminds me of sascha funke's boogy bytes mix, which may be one of my favorite mix cds of all time.



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