Sunday, March 8, 2009


my turn. you can find my contribution to the modyfier series, entitled 'time is luck', here.


  1. I am absolutely astounded by this mix. I hope it's helping your through your struggle right now. I stand by you, man.

    Unrelated: Any idea where I can get that Rod Modell track?

  2. dear jason, thanks for the kind words. yes, the mix definitely helped. this music is about much more than dancing.

    the rod modell track is from his album 'incense and black light'. its great - somewhere in between his dub sounds and the more ambient work.

  3. Beautiful beautiful beautiful.
    I know I will be listening to this mix for years to come. Thank you Chris, I hope you get through your troubles soon.

  4. Just finished listening to your wonderful mix, Chris. I really resonate with your style. I'm trying to achieve a similar aesthetic in my own mixes/productions, namely dark driving techno punctuated with blue melodic techno/electronica.

    Additionally, it was really relaxing for me to listen to a mix that wasn't focused on transitions. (It can be exhausting following mixes so carefully from one transition to the next.) I definitely think there is a place in the electronic music community for more of this type of mix.



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