Saturday, February 28, 2009

this week...

i am listening to:
and whenever i go travelling i always return to this timeless mix. perfect transient music. so many beautiful records. essential.

carsten jost & lawrence @ Betalounge 10.5.2002


  1. The mix by Carsten Jost & Lawrence is one of my alltime favourites! I'm never bored with that one. And I've listened to it quite a few times since i first found it in 2003 or something.
    The Delta Funktionen stuff is really something, I must say. Very good!

  2. ive only heard rigning once so far, but i liked what i heard

    the tadeo allez allez mix is pretty great

    what did you think of 'contacto'?
    i love it, but i havent seen many people talking about it

  3. Thanks for reconnecting me with that Betalounge mix. It used to be a favorite of mine.

    The rest of your list is nice too! Especially the Yagya.

  4. Tadeo gtc set is very good.His album contacto is a bit boring but the track titled "M31 Andromeda" is epic, really really good.I' m surprised I don' hear it anywhere.

  5. You should post more recommended classic sets, don't have many in my HD

    Thanks for the tip on Delta Funktionen by the way. Really amazing mixes and productions.

  6. Yagya - Reigning is a wonderful LP. Love it. And the latest Pom Pom releases have been so beautiful and disturbing at the same time. Really advanced music. I'm gonna check out the mix of Jost and Lawrence now. Should be great :-) The Tadeo Album is ok, but not that special in my opinion.

  7. on tadeo, haven't had a chance to listen to his album properly, though interested to give it a go.

    on yagya, i need more listens. i like it, but i am not sure how much. it sounds very 'same-y' compared with his last 2 albums.

    @ danny: i've been thinking about doing a series of posts with classic sets for a while actually. just don't have the time to do it right now (my old sets are not on my computer). will aim to do something along these lines later in the year.

  8. the jost/lawrence set is amazing!

    quality, some very good superpitcher stuff there in the middle.


  9. @ Tadeo album:

    The sound design is really nice: hums away in the background, very detailed, nice on the phones, kicks like a mule up loud.

    There is also a sustained sound/mood that I like.

    A few outstanding tracks.

    ...but... doesn't do more to/for me than that.

    It's not its job to though. It is what it is, I think, which is a set of superbly crafted, subtle minimal techno cuts. But that rarely adds up to a great album. And this is no different for me.

    But still worth checking out, especially if you're into Tadeo's sound (natch, but still... )

    And definitely better than Ben Klock's new album, which is very uneven, or Len Faki's Berghain mix, which I'll refrain commenting on further until the review drops...

  10. Wow wow. Thanks so much for that Jost/Lawrence excursion

  11. I rewrite in the good post

    Betalounge Carsten Jost and Lawrence is one of my favourite mixes
    Also check on Betalounge Kenneth Christiansen from Echocord label (2 mixes available write Kenneth in the search archives bar) and Henry and Harre.
    Definitely my favourites mixes since a long long time !

  12. hey, somebody knows about newer ones from dial - clique`?
    i mean dj sets, not live PA


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