Thursday, February 12, 2009

ssg on tour

my dancefloor drought comes to an end this weekend. i won't tell you how long it's been since i last was actually out enjoying the music i love, but lets just say this has been the longest stretch of time since i first started going out to parties, which was late 1997. and i will be breaking this nasty streak in style, as i will be in new york for the weekend. and as it happens some really tasty sets have just appeared from the DJs i'll be seeing.

on saturday night, i'll be checking cassy at save the cannibals. she's just done a seriously hot mix for them, and is being supported on the night by anthony parasole, who has provided the latest bunker 'cast and is definitely worth checking. i must admit, i am very disappointed there is no bunker party on this weekend, but i've been hanging out to see cassy for a long time so i'm glad i can finally see one of my favourite ladies in action.

on sunday, wolf + lamb have a 2 part party going on. first up will be gadi mizrahi and ryan elliot spinning at a rooftop bar. sounds cool. i'm keep to check that. been digging elliot's sounds for a while and i've just finished listening to his set from NYE, which is spot on. after that mike shannon is playing somewhere else, but i'll be skipping that because i have never gotten into his sound at all and i got work stuff the next day.

i'm toying with the francois k institution on monday night, but might not have the time/energy/motivation, we shall see...

warm up the party bus! toot toot!


  1. Enjoy it Chris! :-)
    Cassy always delivers!

  2. cassy podcast is really good. would love a t/l!

  3. Enjoy! If you can possibly make it, that Francois K party is magic. :)

  4. there's a cadenza night on saturday as well with mr. melchoir, which should be quite nice.

  5. yeah. but i've see melchoir, and i havent see cassy. plus when i did see melchoir, i dont know, he was really good, but not amazing, which is how his records always sound.

  6. Saw Cassy on Saturday @ Fabric. She played a great set.

    Enjoy NY, I've got to go on a clubbing trip there soon.

  7. Enjoy NYC! Ah, I've been missing Wolf+Lamb parties since I moved away to Helsinki...

  8. come friday to bar 13, Jona will be playing

  9. jealous

    i would be at save the cannibals if it weren't for my damned age

    all the save the cannibals events have looked great, and i really hate missing out on them

  10. stay an extra weekend, and you'd have the options of starkey/2562 at dubwar and pole/mike huckaby at house n' home.

    i know some of the ssgs like ezekial honig. note he's playing on this coming sunday (2/15).

    Type Records Showcase

    Ezekiel Honig (with Joshua Ott), Xela + Mike Weis, Animal Hospital
    Where Monkeytown
    58 North 3rd Street (Williamsburg)
    Time 8:30p-
    Price / Age $7 with $10 miniumu order / 21+
    Genre experimental, ambient

  11. seen them both francois & cassy at berghain/panorama bar 2 weeks ago...cassy is always worth checking out and francois did a wonderful job lightening up the berghain floor...

  12. You must be really really really excited... Have fun!!



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