Thursday, February 5, 2009

i set you up

serious stuff boys and girls... it has been a while since i've posted some fresh sets. there are heaps i could/should post, but these will have to do:

i have a steffi for klock, or, i want to klock steffi
ben klock, steffi & sissi @ ostgut labelnacht, harry klein 17.09.2009
huge. almost 8 hours worth. and soooo good. go to the 3 hour mark and let your brain melt. klock's definitely got the touch. i remember dave saying it seems like klock and dettmann are in a friendly, ongoing battle to one-up each other. i tend to agree. you listen to this and dettmann's RA'cast is a long lost memory. there are some truly mind altering moments in this set. so marcel, your turn.

shaped to perfection
redshape livepa @ rote sonne 4.10.08
this has gone straight on repeat since i downloaded it. it took me a while to warm up to redshape, but there is no mistaking, he makes some great sounds. the last part of this performance is especially good. the final 20 minutes is old school perfection, which may bring about plenty of fist pumping. and it is one of those sets that after it finishes you have no idea what to put on next, what can capture that same feeling?

trox rocks x2
seth troxler @ fiction 9.5.08
seth troxler @ rex
this guy really has something. he just feels the music. i know this is a big call, but i think there is potential for him to become a figure like ricky v. obviously not in the same way, but comparable in terms of depth and ability as both a producer and dj. troxler is already next level and he is like 23 or 24. if he doesnt succumb to the superstar bullshit, he could be really special. i know everyone is currently losing their shit over his ibizavoice podcast, but i much prefer both of these sets. check 'em.

take this for a walk
stewart walker @ fricoti 2008
i used to love walker. he has such a distinctive, deep sound. then i kind of stopped listening to him. i am not sure why exactly. he kept on making quality music. i've tried coming back to him a couple of times, but i've had trouble reconnecting with his sound. until i put this on today and it all clicked again. this is a 2 hour livepa and what is so impressive is how coherent and well paced it is. the whole thing just fits together so well and the tempo is right on. i normally don't post a set after only listening to it once, but i have a feeling i'll have this on a fair bit in the coming days, so i wanted to make sure you guys gave it a run, or walk, too.

one for the late nights
natural / electronic.system. hypnos mix 30.12.08
further proof that there is some seriously quality coming out of italy these days. this mix is real deep. bit more slowed down, but still has a nice beat to keep things ticking over. it has done a great job of keeping me company in the office later on in the nights. not enough people make mixes like this. pitch the bpms and go under.

more gold
cio d'or @ klickklackklub 15.08.2008
cio has rightly been getting plenty of love for some of her sets we've posted here, so i figured you'd be keen for more. this one is a bit different because it is a live recording. as such, it doesn't have quite the same level of tight-ness as her other mixes, which is more than understandable. the records and sounds are the same though - dark, driving, hypnotic, reduced. and quality all the way, of course.

the others will have to wait. i have to work! enjoy...


  1. thanks for the nice list of mixes and descriptions.

  2. Nice to hear Seth Toxler digging up old Brit house classics ('Downtime' on Paper). Haven't heard that record for yonks and it still sounds great.

  3. Thanks for the sets, will be downing all of these...

  4. I'd like to point out that Crockett and Tubbs are so fucking cool that they don't need to wear belts.

  5. one for the late nights - wicked deep mix! thanks for this.

    Any idea of a tracklist?

  6. i must say, i share this opinion of seth troxler - and i don't think the villalobos comparison is far off. certainly, some of troxler's mixes remind me of those classic early villalobos sets. he's got an effortless sense of groove and the mixes i've heard usually have a good few 'what the fuck is this!?' tracks. i don't hear that from many other people these days, unfortunately.

  7. the natural / electronic.system. mix is stunning. anyone help with a track list?

  8. feeling deeply that natural selection mix as well.. good find

  9. came across another seth mix...from december at halcyon..

    its the third or fourth post down.

    Haven't listened, sure its awesome though.

  10. the Cio mix is boss. her mixing is not always the tightest but the flow she creates in her mix is powerful to say the least. Great stuff I want more!

  11. honestly can not stop listening to this natural / electronic . system . mix!!!

    Its an absolute deep stunner!

    Anyone have a tracklist?


    See, now that you have a search bar, I can find old posts and post appropriate comments :-D


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