Monday, August 11, 2008

watch out! it's another set-up.

ok, before we get to some of the music i've been listening to over the last week, here are two sets which were promised:

1. one of our readers, alex from germany, kindly sent the ssgs this undated set from prosumer @ panorama bar. nice...

2. pete mentioned this recording of sven weisemann in london doing his thing back in may. the mixing is sometimes a bit rough and ready, but very hard to fault his track selection. and ultimately that's a lot of what counts when it comes to dj'ing...

now, here are some other goodies:

- recently i posted a set of guido schneider, which i am still really digging. i found another one and it is also quality. minimal with funk. something many try, but most fail miserably at.
guido schneider @ welcome to the future 8.2.08

- much like guido, half hawaii also produce some really, really dry stuff. a bit too dry for my tastes. but not for many others. anyway, this new livepa of half hawaii at watergate may be of interest to you peeps. it is undoubtedly good, but not quite my thing.

- one mix i have been listening to a lot lately is the latest LWE podcast by newcomer leonid. head over to LWE for the mix and tracklisting. this is strongly recommended. well composed.

- last up is a fantastic mix from samuli kemppi. what is really interesting about this is the way he combines the berghain sounds with the deep hypnotic ones of dozzy/parker etc. these records are most definitely compatible, but i hadn't really heard them put together before. kemppi - both as a dj and a producer - is most definitely one to keep an eye on. i think he is really coming into his own and fully discovering his sound.

Samuli Kemppi Beat Boutique Mix

1. Dash Rush - Ashteblift - Full Panda
2. Function - Reykjavik - Sandwell District
3. Samuli Kemppi - Komentomoduuli - Pakkas Levyt
4. Mike Parker - Hiss - Dozzy Records
5. Function - Disaffected - Sandwell District
6. Mike Parker - untitled (Inversions vol 3) - Geophone
7. D. Dozzy & Nuel - untitled - Aquaplano
8. Norman - Balance - Synewave
9. tobias. - Balance - Ostgut Tonträger
10. Peter Van Hoesen - Trusted (Norman Nodge reconstruction) - Time to Express
11. Alex Cortex - Reticarga pt 3 - Klang Elektronik
12. Taron-Trekka - Secret Findler (Marcel Dettmann remix) - brut!
13. Peter Van Hoesen - L.O.C. - LAN
14. Function - Burn - Sandwell District

enjoy. more soon.


  1. The link to the samuli set is messed.

    here is the correct link:

    there is a space in bea t

  2. thanks sherman for picking that up. i've now fixed up the original link.

  3. thanks for this. im really impressed by all of the sets i've heard from samuli. there are a few vids of him doing his live thing on youtube which are also top notch.

  4. This one is a doozy. Great integration of the tough/deep Berghain sound and the headfuck/hypnotic world of Dozzy and Parker.

    Really nice recording, too, which means the bass really kicks and you hear the ebb and flow. Top stuff.

  5. anyone know the 2nd tune in the prosumer mix apparently not called "peas and cornbread"

    help me out guys, there's a sausage in it for you !

  6. hi guys, thanks for this one, so great! and thanks for what your doing! I know you posted some mixes from mixmagru already, just wanted to drop you down a link to the latest john daly podcast, he's a man!

    tracklist and questions:

    excuse me if you're not interested in the infos...

  7. Hi

    Great to see that you feature the mix Samuli made for our radio show! If you are interested in more sets from the show check or the archive @

    Greetz Alex


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