Friday, August 29, 2008

mnml ssgs mx09: peter van hoesen

ok, back with another ssgcast and what a beauty we have, this time from a ssg favourite, peter van hoesen. a while ago i posted about some impressive mixes by peter (or 'the hose' as i incorrectly dubbed him). after that we knew he'd be perfect for a ssgmix and luckily he agreed. again, the results are something special. rather than try to describe the mix, i'll just give you peter's description of what he tried to do with it:

"the idea behind the mix was to combine tracks i normally don't play out with a few classics and some new tunes. as the mnmlssgs mixes offer a chance to do something different i wanted to have the mix evolve - not only from start to finish, but also along the way. so it is not your usual calm beginning and pounding end, but more like a constant oscillation between dancefloor-friendly tunes and less known tracks such as dynamo, the baby ford one and a made up sound. and then there's a snippet from one of my all-time favourite experimental electronic albums, document 2, released by the australian dorobo label. to top it off i included two of my latest tracks: it is the first time i send these in to the world. no beats, only textures."

as the description suggests, peter is a producer, as well as an excellent dj. his new label 'time to express' is definitely worth keeping an eye on, with the last release including remixes from fellow ssgcaster norman nodge and shurbs. next up is the 'casual care' ep, which has a pretty serious remix from samuli kemppi (which you can hear it at samuli's myspace). more info about peter can be found at the 'time to express' site (including links to some dj sets and livepa). and if you are lucky enough to be going to labyrinth, you can catch peter doing his thing there, otherwise he is also playing what looks to be an excellent party, nyckelpigaa, in brussels.

enough talking! here is the mix and the tracklisting. thanks to peter for doing this and much respect for a fantastic mix.

peter van hoesen mnml ssgs mix (fairtilizer direct dl)
megaupload mirror

Ryoji Ikeda - Zone 3 - Dorobo
Oval - Lens-Flared Capital - Thrill Jockey
69 - Sub Seducer - R&S
Isolee - Lost / Forever Lost by The Glimmers - Playhouse
Kassem Mosse - Untitled - Workshop
Dynamo - Voraus - DIN
Claro Intelecto - Momento - Modern Love
Blake Baxter - Brother's Gonna Work It Out - Logic
T++ - Space Pong - Erosion
Function - Burn - Sandwell District
Redshape - Plonk - Present
Slam - Positive Eduction - Soma
Melody Boy 2000 - Monotone Fantastique - Futuro Advertising Agency
Mike Dehnert - Take Me To - Fachwerk
Baby Ford & The i-Fach Collective - Word for Word - Klang Elektronik
A Made Up Sound - Sleepwalk - Soloaction
Substance - Relish / Shed remix - Scion Versions
Silent Servant - Doom Deferred - Sandwell District
Underground Resistance - Transition - UR
Peter Van Hoesen - New Station Intro - unreleased
Peter Van Hoesen - lto_mess Widespace version - unreleased

you'll have to wait and see who is next up in the ssgmx series, but here's a hint - peter plays a record by this producer...


  1. I haven't listened to this yet, but the tracklisting looks fantastic. I'm really looking forward to checking this out.

    And much respect to Peter (aka The Hose) for including a track from the Dorobo label! Dorobo was a really great experimental label ... I think they closed up shop in 2006 ... but they did some great stuff throughout the 1990s and into the 2000s ... well worth checking out if you're into experimental/glitch/noise/sine/ambient stuff ...

  2. download thing has gone to pot me thinks via fairtilizer.

  3. i just checked and the fairtilizer link seems to be working fine (for me at least). well there is megaupload, and i can sort another mirror if people want.

  4. wow KILLER mix!!!!
    PVH is it and a bit
    much respect

  5. Seriously... when positive education dropped... I got an electr. hrdn.

    and enjoyed it!

    Gosh. So nice, so dynamic.


    My cheeks blush.

  6. 'positive education' is such a timeless track. for me it represents a real high point of this mix. i really like the way peter lets it breathe.

  7. Yeah, very dynamic - and well recorded, PvH. It really pushes out of my speakers.

  8. will listen to this on the train tomorrow...big thanks for this. if you've got t++ up next...that'd be wicked.

  9. very good guess joe, but no. i tried to get in touch with T++ about a mix recently, but so far no reply. fingers crossed on that front...

  10. i'd say Kassem Mosse

  11. Kassem Mosse would be dope.

  12. there's no other word for this mix but 'huge'.
    absolutely killer. thank you pvh and ssgs.


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