Thursday, August 21, 2008

lost in the labyrinth.

[rant start]

sorry, time for some venting. i am in the process of relocating from australia to take up a job in the UK. originally i was supposed to be leaving end of this month and stopping over in japan for wire08 before arriving in the UK. then my work permit got delayed, but that was ok, because it then looked like it would time perfectly so i could hit japan for the labyrinth festival (someone please tell me how RA didn't include this in their best festivals in september?). then i submitted my work visa application and i was told it would take 30 working days and not the advertised 20. great. and they took my passport. no labyrinth for chris. what does that mean? check below to see the lineup i am missing. keep in mind this is an outdoor party in the hills of japan. and with a funktion one sound system. i hate the world so much right now. but specifically the british home office. if someone can give me a good explanation for why i need to apply for a work permit and then a work visa, i am all ears... (i started applying for this in the middle of june and i won't get the bloody visa until the end of september). if i ever make it to the UK, i am going to be arriving with a very, very bad taste in my mouth (i should add that i will be based in wales, so it is not like i am going to have access to lots of parties in london or manchester either). ok, here is the lineup. if you are anywhere near japan, you should be booking yourself a ticket to labyrinth.

Substance & Vainqueur present Scion Versions [ chain reaction / scion versions: germany ]
Deepchord presents Echospace [ modern love / echospace : usa ]
Convextion [ down low / matrix : usa ]
Substance [ chain reaction / scion versions: germany ]
Pier Bucci [ crosstown rebels : chile ]
Move D [ smallville / modern love / binemusic / source records: germany ]
Pendle Coven [ modern love : uk ]
Peter van Hoesen [ time to express / lan muzic : belgium ]

Three [ hallucination / crosstown rebels : usa ]
Donato Dozzy [ dozzy records / persona / electronnica romana : italy ]
Mathias Kaden [ vakant / freude am tanzen : germany ]
Lee Burridge [ 365 / tyrant / global underground : uk ]
Dave Mothersole [ swag records / mos : uk ]
Ben Annand [ moontribe / tropical house : usa ]
Mike Parker [ dozzy records / orange groove / geophone: usa ]
Raudive aka Oliver Ho [ klang electronic / drumcode / meta : uk ]
MLZ [ pendle coven / modern love : uk ]
XDB [ metrolux / sistrum / deep space : germany ]
Move D [ smallville / modern love / binemusic / source records : germany ]
Peter van Hoesen [ time to express / lan muzic : belgium ]
So [ labyrinth / tri-bute : japan ]
Echospace [ modern love / echospace : usa ]
Hiyoshi [ dakini / global chillage : japan ]

more info here. it is fantastic to see that there are promoters putting on special parties like this. it would be even more fantastic if i was actually able to go.

[rant over]


  1. i was going to make a joke about it looking 'like a ssg fest', but that's not really in best taste - visas really suck, bad luck :(

    if it's any consolation, if you're still in wales in a year's time you'll be in prime position for 2009's version of this, which looks like the one of the best festivals the UK has going:

  2. yeah, i've seen that festival - looks amazing. i'm stuck in wales for the next couple of years so i think i'll be hitting that.

    currently looking at if i can get my passport back. tempted to fly to japan for this anyway.

  3. what a fucking line up

  4. It's so we're not flooded by hoardes of winnie aussies cunts...;-)

    At least you're not complaining about being beaten by us at the Olympics....hey hey

  5. Whereabouts in Wales, Chris?

    We should have some parties you'd be interested in here in Wrexham––obviously you won't be able to make the Norman Nodge one next week though…

  6. it is so rare for the UK not to suck at sport, you guys might as well enjoy it...

    and i'm going to be based/stuck in aberystwyth in wales for the next 3-4 years. not exactly techno central.

  7. depending where you are in wales, i know bristol has some good shit going on. not sure how close they are though, not so far.

    too bad that lineup in japan looks ridiculous.

  8. at least in the uk you're never *that* far from a party, as long as you can afford the ridiculous train fares.

    though aberystwyth's my home town, and... yeah it's really not techno central. nice place though! (by welsh standards... not really helping here am i...)

  9. Wow, never really seen anything like an event of that magnitude. I wouldn't know what to do.

  10. "It's so we're not flooded by hoardes of winnie aussies cunts...;-)

    At least you're not complaining about being beaten by us at the Olympics....hey hey"

    NB in the interests of full disclosure, I should tell you all that asifindit is the British High Commissioner.

  11. it is so rare for the UK not to suck at sport, you guys might as well enjoy it...

    lol what about the premier league the best football league in the world.

    super league best rugby league...

  12. yeah, but many of the best players in the premier league aren't from the UK! did englad even manage to make the euro finals this year? ah, i am looking forward to moving to the UK...

  13. hey chris, really sorry to hear you can't make it! this year's line-up is not one that's likely to be repeated anywhere again. from reading your blog posts, i know you would have appreciated it to its fullest!

  14. respect for a distinctive + special vision russ. i am sure it'll be an amazing event. with any luck, i'll get there in '09.

  15. is it sold out yet? tickets went on sale yesterday. tempted to take a week off uni, spend all my savings and fly there. anyone up for a trip from melbourne to japan?

    one of the best festival lineups i've seen

  16. @ Will: when I saw the lineup, I began doing the maths... but no, it ain't gonna happen. It'd be worth blowing 5 grand on though, if I had it.

  17. Hi! I make records with MLZ and Deepchord :-)

  18. Indeed the line-up is absolutely ridiculous. I nearly shat my pants when I first saw it and I literally haven't been able to think about anything BUT Labyrinth since then.

    Deepchord is apparently preparing some sort of special live set with the location and the Funktion Ones in mind. When I heard this I nearly shat my pants all over again! Not to mension Convextion... I fucking love Convextion.

    I'm sorry you can't come Chris, I was hoping I'd get to meet you, but next year! This will be my 4th year at Labyrinth and I can say with confidence that the line-up only gets better year to year. Although, I don't know how Mindgames will be able to pull off a line-up topping this one, but they will.

  19. hi will, tickets went on sale on thursday and sold out on saturday. i didn't put any flyers out or do any promotiom, apart from one post on Mixi, the Japanese MySpace, in the hope that tickets would last a bit longer. That didn't work!

  20. Picking up jaw from floor


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