Tuesday, August 12, 2008

two more from/for the floor.

despite even writing a list of the sets i planned to post yesterday, i still managed to forget two. and i would hate to keep them from you, so here they are:

first, when sent this new label mix for wolf + lamb, i also discovered a new recording of seth troxler and ryan crosson spinning at club de visionaire. haven't heard the the label mix yet, so cant comment on it (tracklist is here), but on first listen the seth and ryan tag set is lovely, refreshing stuff.

second, another huge recording from a night at harry klein, this time consisting of margaret dygas, the mole and dj ppf. i was happy to come across this as i'm a huge fan of ms dygas. think she has managed to carve out a very distinctive sound. i have made my way through most of it and plenty of quality records throughout. i don't know who is playing when, but it doesn't really matter in this case. as it is a big recording, it is split into three parts: 1, 2, 3.

that's all for now.


  1. How do you guys have time to listen to all these mixes?! Anyway, cheers for the linkage. It's appreciated.


  2. these days i am a full-time PhD student, plus have another full-time academic position, so i am working 7 days, 70+ hours per week. a lot of that time is spent either reading or writing, so i am listening to music most of the time...

  3. damn, chris

    thanks for the dygas!

  4. Crosson's bunker podcast is pretty awesome in opinion. Looking forward to this, thanks


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