Tuesday, August 5, 2008

ssg mixes

ok, it looks like one or two of the links for previous ssg mixes have expired, so i've up'd them all through fairtilizer now. here they are, in case you've missed any:

ssgmx01: bvdub
ssgmx02: norman nodge
ssgmx03: benjamin fehr
ssgmx04: shed
ssgmx05: luke hess
ssgmx06: mike parker
ssgmx07: jackmate
ssgmx08: jasper tx

also, we really don't know what to do with our podcast. if we have more than 1 mix a month we burn our limit as the one we are using at the moment only gives us about 25gb a month. really, what we really need double that, or a bit more - maybe 50 or 60gb a month. i know there are other podcasting services, but for that kind of traffic you need to pay a monthly fee, and at this stage we don't want to introduce any advertising to the blog to cover such costs. if any one has any suggestions, please leave a comment or email us at: mnmlssg@gmail.com

we are not sure who the next ssgmx will be from - we've got a couple in the pipeline. will just have to wait and see what comes through...


  1. Hello Chris ! I hope I could help you a bit.

    Do you know megaupload ? You can host your files there for free, and I know you can stream videos (and embed them like youtube), and maybe audio too ? I copy/past an excerpt of the FAQ :

    "If you are a registered user without premium status, your files will be stored until at least 90 days after their last download (you can manually restart that expiration period at any time in the file manager). A file that was uploaded anonymously (that is not owned by any Megaupload user) will be deleted no sooner than 21 days after the last time it was downloaded".

    If you are a registered memember (for free) you can manage your files, see statistics etc...

    Hope it could be the solution to host your excellent mixes ! Take a look at :




  2. or http://rapidshare.com ?

    "In principle, we host data without a time limit. But files that have not been accessed for 90 days are deleted to relieve the system of forgotten and not needed content. This rule does not apply to Premium members".

  3. thanks for the suggestions pierre-nicolas. the problem with file sharing sites like megaupload and rapidshare is that they are fine for making links available for download, but you can't use them for the podcast service.

    as far as providing a direct download link, we have been using fairtilizer and it is great. but they don't do podcasting. my guess is that there probably isn't a free solution to this, but i guess we'll see. as i said, we are limited in our options because at this stage all the ssgs are of the opinion that we want to keep the blog free of advertising.

  4. I go the solution I think. I send you an e-mail for the details.

  5. i think shareonall is fine too

  6. Open up a super cheap hosting account, like on godaddy.com for $4 a month on which you can host MANY domains that would all share the same space - 10 Gigs of space... Create your own small xml file which will have your mp3 as an attachment, and point feedburner at it. Done.

  7. Or you could use Amazon Web Services or something, for scalability. If you could be bothered setting up the podcasts yourself, that is.

  8. thanks man, you're the best. I'm downloading SHED's mix!


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