Monday, July 7, 2008

mnml ssgs mx06: mike parker

ok, sorry for the radio silence peeps. but what better way to make up for it than a new ssg mix. the latest installment is from mike parker. to be honest, we came across mike's work reasonably recently. we noticed a common theme in quite a few sets from donato dozzy and cio d'or - the best moments in these mixes were coming from records by mike parker. after a ssg reader noted that parker is a bomb dj, we decided he was definitely worth approaching for a mix. and luckily he agreed. the result is exactly what we hoped/expected: deep, dark and hypnotic. this mix is very reminiscent of steve bicknell's lost/cosmic soundscapes. unique and special music that very few are capable of producing and providing. so grab this mix and get lost...

mnml ssgs mx06: mike parker

1. Mike Parker / Substratum (Foundation Mix)
2. Lustmord / Heresy Part I
3. Steve Bicknell / How Can We Know? (A2)
4. Sleeparchive / Meson
5. Apathism / Ten
6. The Source Experience / Universal Energy
7. Paul Horn / Vibrations
8. Stanislav Tolkachev / Rudiment 4
9. Samuli Kemppi / Neliƶavaruus
10. Solieb / Plastic Facility
11. Steve Bicknell / Spirit (A2)
12. Emptyset / Isokon
13. Sub Space / The Voyager
14. Unexplained Transmissions / Airlock
15. Donato Dozzy & Nuel / Aguaplano 000 (B2)
16. Jack Dangers / Burbidge Chain
17. Damon Wild / Travel
18. Jeff Mills / Intruder Alert
19. Jack Dangers / Pinwheel Galaxy

big thanks to mike for taking the time to contribute to our series. for more info about mike, check his homepage and myspace.


  1. i am sad about the podcast problems, but super amped about this. i'll pitch in my $0.02 in a bit.

  2. awesome mix. need to hunt down some more of Mike's work.

    Thanks Snags.


  3. wow, awesome mix! also that's a cool player and direct one click download link!

  4. Great to finally hear him do a set, even greater to see him finally get some more recognition as well :)

  5. i'm so grateful that this mix has come around (i was the anonymous tipster that once had my mind blown by parker in st. louis...i've been longing to hear another proper set from him for quite some time). you good folks at mnml ssgs never fail to impress. thank you.

  6. Great mix as all the other podcasts! keep it up!

    For your podcasts.. Why dont you try amazon s3 service... It a file hosting / application platform. The charges are very cheap compared to web hosting packages and they offer great bandwith.

    I found out about it after investigation some popular blogs that offer podcasts :P

  7. Awesome mix!!!
    Thx, Mike, thx, mnmlssg!)

  8. who else is putting together sounds this deep and hypnotic right now...?

    i want more of this kind of dark goodness.

  9. daren - thanks for the advice. in regards to the podcast, basically we don't want anything that costs money because at this stage we dont want to introduce advertising onto the blog (which would need to do to pay for the podcast). and with the free ones, we don't want one that includes advertising. we thought jellycast would be enough - we didnt think we'd be going through 25gb of downloads each month! at this stage, it looks like the ssg mixes wont be happening as regularly as they have been over the last month or so, which means hopefully the current server should be ok after this month. we'll see. right now we don't have the time to really work it out.

    anyway, enough explaining. i am glad people are enjoying the parker mix. i think part of what makes it special is precisely that there arent many people that sound like this...

  10. Yeah... this is easily the best trance mix I've heard since Speedy J back in the day... what, you think I'm joking?

    Apart from the fantastic atmosphere and restless intensity of this mix, one of the great things is the way it plays through a build. Same goes for recent Dozzy sets – and this is precisely what is missing from so much groove-based minimalist electronic music at the moment. It's fine to stay on the one for hours as Cassy or some of the Perlon DJs do, but I just wish people would build sets... digital mixing a factor here?

    There is nothing *technically* preventing people using serato/ableton/whatever from playing builds... but how come they almost never do?

    There's such a reliance on 'garnish' too, ie FX mixing, loops, etc, that I feel a lot of people are focusing on the lie of the parsley and the size of the plate, and not the sausage.

  11. PC said: "I feel a lot of people are focusing on the lie of the parsley and the size of the plate, and not the sausage."

    Yeah, that's the wurst.

  12. man oh man! lovely!

  13. > Yeah, that's the wurst.

    Ha ha! Well played, sir!

    Great mix from Parker here. Wonderfully dark and deep. Hell, he puts in some Lustmord for background colour! Plus, at around 45 minutes, I reckon this would be good for your average commute ...

  14. Chris et al.

    This is the best mix, aside from Dozzy's RA mix, that I've heard this year and, maybe, even since 2007. I'm happy to find people who share my taste in music. And, PC: I couldn't agree more. Thank you!


  15. Just started to listen to this mix... Didn't know the guy... Wow seems to be really cool !! Thanks :-)

    Boing Poum Tchak!

  16. Early Mike Parker stuff available on Defective Records (as both Mike Parker, and even earlier as "Trybet").

  17. By the way, did anyone else notice the very subtle product placement above his head? Haha.

  18. This comment has been removed by the author.

  19. still loving this mix sooo much!!!


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