Friday, June 27, 2008

mnml ssgs mx05: luke hess (FXHE, berettamusic)

given the recent discussion, it is most appropriate that the latest installment of the ssg series comes from a detroit artist, luke hess. luke is part of the beretta music crew out of detroit, who have been pushing some really strong sounds over the last few years. like all contributors to this mix series, hess' productions have a very distinctive and unique sound that have attracted us. his records, on FXHE especially, suggest that he is going to be exploring some really interesting directions. we look forward to discovering where he takes us. in the meantime, here is a great mix he put together. like our previous contributor shed, who incidentally did an amazing remix of hess' 'believe & receive', luke is also in a summer mood.

mnml ssgs mx05: luke hess presents summer sounds

1. ruanda - marko furstenberg
2. perfect moment - efdemin
3. shalom dub - luke hess
4. a req - marcell dettmann
5. amity - sven weisemann
6. octagonal - luciano
7. dolido's groove - ripperton
8. massai mara - mahias kaden
9. platte - luke hess
10. te vi el hojaldre - sistema
11. 520 - matthew styles
12. 5 - circunbalation
13. magnat - urban force
14. debajo - alexi delano
15. just a track - efdemin
16. catobolism - efdemin
17. in the mist - argy
18. just dance - mr. v

download here

more info on luke hess at his myspace.

much thanks and respect to luke for taking the time to put together this mix for the ssgs. so enjoy hess and next week ssg mx06 will be from mike parker...


  1. i love matthew styles right now! this will be great. thank you for this luke and ssgs.

  2. ugh, nsfw ads on that download link

  3. @mkb: sorry about that, didn't realise. i've changed the shareonall link to the different direct links, which all should be safe (maybe avoid megaupload just to be sure).

    alternatively, you can download it directly here.

  4. I thought I would never get trough the night, studying...but plans have changed now.

  5. stellar ~ many thanks!

  6. quality. loving this. deep quality music. thank you. got wait a while to check you in London :-(

  7. Fantastic. Cheers to the ssgs' for bringing the goods yet again and Mr Hess for the mastery. Music to move.

  8. Alright there ssg lads! Loving the mixes on the podcast so far. Just a quick amendment - the 'Catabolism' track is actually Efdemin's remix of Henry & Denis.

  9. Mike Parker - cool ;)

  10. This mix is really great.. love the harmonic mixing for some the cuts.. Really deep groovy detroit-sounding shit!

  11. this is ace. doing a good job of calming me down after the bad news about renaissance's wild in the country cancellation :(

  12. Really enjoyed this... Thanks or sharing and keep it coming!!!

  13. I just featured this mix as one of my Ten Favorite Mixes this year... Along with another by mnml ssgs from Jasper TX! [Ten Favorite Mixes]

  14. still a brilliant mix. Thanks mnml ssgs


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