Saturday, June 7, 2008

ssgcast update

ok guys, looks like our ssgcast has been far more popular than we expected. we signed up to jellycast, which supposedly gives us up 25gb of downloads a month. and now it seems like we have already reached the monthly limit. while i'd like to think it is because we are incredibly popular, i am not completely convinced (the stats don't add up). nonetheless, it means that for the time being the only way you can get the 2nd and 3rd ssg mixes is via shareonall. i'll try and get this fixed up before the next ssg mix, which will be sometime next week.

in the meantime, here are the shareonall links:
ssgmx02: norman nodge
ssgmx03: benjamin fehr

also, just so this post isn't a complete waste, here is some extra for you. plenty of people have been raving about donato dozzy's podcast over at RA, and rightly so. dozzy is something special - he has such a unique, distinctive feel to him. we tried to get dozzy a while ago to do a mix for us, but RA beat us to the punch! nevermind, the important thing is that there are some new dozzy mixes for us all. to celebrate, here are two more from dozzy, which many may have missed. both are, as you'd expect, great.

donato dozzy @ blueroom, roma 21.04.07
donato dozzy @ radio 1, Berlin 02.06.06


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