Saturday, June 14, 2008

mnml ssgs mx04: shed (soloaction/ostgut/delsin)

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For the 4th installment in our ongoing series, we are very happy to present this lovely mix of classic house records by Shed. Shed is an artist we've been following for a while, as he continues to build an impressive and distinctive sound, releasing records on Delsin, Styrax Leaves, Ostgut and his own Soloaction label. We are particularly looking forward to hearing his new album, which he tells us about below. Can't wait. In the meantime, here is a q&a with Shed, followed by the great mix he has put together for us. While it may not be summer down under (from where I am writing this), these sounds did warm my heart. Enjoy.

Ssgs: Tell us a bit about this mix.

Shed: It is summer, that’s why I thought I'll do an ease house mix. Some good house music records arrived at the shop and they remind me of the time around ‘96 and ‘97. That was a good time and that why I thought I mix it. Summer and House music belong together.

Ssgs: The mix has some real classics in it. What have been some of your most important influences?

Shed: In the mix it is very obvious. Saunderson, Chez Damier, Carl Craig....

Ssgs: I have to ask, why the name ‘Shed’? Where did it come from?

Shed: It is derived from ‘shedding the past’. This is my motto.

Ssgs: Can you explain the intent and thinking behind Soloaction records? Where did the idea and motto (‘being forced to take action’) come from?

Shed: It is my own. I'm doing it alone and only for myself. I'm responsible for everything. And that gives me the possibility to do what I want.

To enjoy this feeling - you have to take action. Nobody does it for you.

Soloaction is sleeping at the moment, but on Subsolo something will be happening. A new ‘A Made Up Sound’ is coming along in July.

Ssgs: It seems like there is a real new sound emerging around Berghain and Ostgut from artists like Dettmann, Klock, Radio Slave and yourself (amongst others). What do you think? Is something different happening in Berlin? Are you consciously contributing to the development of this sound, or is it more organic?

Shed: There is not something different happening in Berlin, but there definitely is at Berghain/Ostgut. It is organic, it is a family.

Ssgs: What are you working on at the moment?

Shed: At the moment some things are finished. I still need to put my hands on my new live set to make it better.

Ssgs: What is the future for shed?

Shed: Tada! An album is coming up in September. I found someone who I can trust and where I feel secure. It will be released on Ostgut Ton. Of course. Some remixes are coming too.

Big thanks to Shed for taking the time to answer these questions and for putting together these wonderful house sounds.

Shed presents The Holy 35 Degrees Hit Mix
Recorded live in Berlin in the afternoon.


1. eargasmic 4009
2. definitive 018
3. kms 048
4. slowhouse 003
5. dansa records 1104
6. strictly rhythm 12342
7. djgenesis 002
8. king street 1017
9. underground 150
10. kms 060
11. tresor archive 006
12. cajual 206
13. sex trax 010

More info:
soloaction records
shed homepage

shed myspace


  1. "Summer and House music belong together."

    So true! Looking forward to hearing this.

  2. nice work ssgs and shed. i'm pretty impressed by the selection so far. 4 mixes, and only 2 are really in the expected vein. dope stuff.

  3. one of the best mixes i've heard in a while. really good to hear.
    thanks shed & ssgs!

  4. To say that this mix makes you feel good is a massive understatement. Quality music, quality mix.

    Looking forward to the next one.

  5. glad people are digging this mix, as i have been. we've been really lucky - all the people who have done mixes for us have completely delivered on the concept behind the series. we are really excited about some of the other people who have agreed to do mixes for us, so lets hope this form continues!

  6. Very nice flow and tracks!
    But your RSS feed is not showing me love :( I'm using firefox live bookmark and I get this kind of page when I try to access the last post via the bookmark

  7. thanks for the heads up on the RSS feed. i seriously have no clue with these things. even getting one in the first place took a while, but i shall investigate!

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. Quite the existentialist, this Shed chap.

    Thanks for the intesting interview and mix.

  10. one of the best mixes this year.

  11. Fantastic! Just fantastic! Has not been off the stereo for more than a few hours...thanks for a pleasant work day!

  12. any chance on a tracklisting for the mix? ..i love most of the tracks to death.

  13. guess what. shareonall is closed. any chance of re-up to other server? thanks a lot.

  14. hang on, will upload this (and all the other previous ssgmixes) now.

  15. Chris, PLEASE REUPLOAD this one. Thank you a lot, Jazzmate

  16. jazzmate - i did!

  17. please post a track list!

  18. Hey guys, this is what I could make of the tracklisting.
    1. Abicah Soul Project - Musique De Ve
    2. Barada - Glue
    3. Chez Damier - Help Myself
    4. Slowhouse - 003 (B2)
    5. Robin Breaks - I Get Dubbed
    6. Fiasco - I Just Wanna
    7. Unknown Artist - White Label (djgenesis 002)
    8. X Fade - Good And Plenty Love
    9. Mike Dunn - The Pressure Cooker
    10. Dionne - Images
    11. tresor archive 006?
    12. Dajae - U Got Me Up
    13. Nate Williams - Climax


  19. track 7:

    what a tune!


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