Wednesday, June 4, 2008

mnml ssgs mx03: benjamin fehr (catenaccio)

last week we were bouncing around ideas about who to approach for a ssg mix, and a name that soon came up was benjamin fehr. so we contacted him. and lucky for all of us he responded immediately with a promo mix he had recently put together.

fehr is someone who we've been keeping a close eye on following his 'truth & consequences' ep and some other really excellent productions on his catenaccio label. his sounds are deep, twisted and distinctive, which are all the more refreshing when the scene abounds with bland conformity. often i'd be loathe to quote anything from a promo sheet, but in this case, i think it is more truth than hype: his productions 'deny the standards of minimal techno, instead focusing on a very personal appreciation of its unique nature. benjamin fehr cares about electronic music.' have a listen and discover more about the 'groove noir' sound he is pushing. the mix is an hour of deep and twisted sounds, just like his productions.

big thanks to fehr for the mix. keep an eye out for two new releases on his catenaccio label: a split ep, 'gruppenzwang prt I', and one from fehr, 'my favourite shop is me' (dave described the latter as sounding like 'a drunk akufen'). you can hear some samples at his myspace.

mnml ssgs mx03: benjamin fehr

pep gaya - darker - klitekture 05
butane - vaguely defined - green water ep - rregular19
jichael mackson - 1000 bugz - stock5 07
paris the black fu & jack cousteau - fog dust vs detroit
heib - flatliner - senior solution management 03
ellen allien - go - marcel dettmann remix - bpitch
ds - jens zimmermann remix - snork enterprises 05
mr. static - west coast booty - karloff 25
dealta/aquatic - skipper - meander 02
o. deutschmann - siem reap - vidab 04
portable - don't give up - cassy remix - sud electronic 10

and get ready for the 4th mix in the series which is from shed (soloaction records) and will drop sometime next week. in the meantime, enjoy the darkness of fehr...


  1. 'groove noir' i like it.
    who else fits the description - onur ozer? troy pierce?

    the recent release this mix reminds me of most is Butane's album.

  2. yeah, butane is the immediate guy we thought of who pushes a similar sound (both production and dj-wise). others? perhaps ozer, but i must admit i havent listened to him too much. as for troy boy, there is a bit of an overlap but he goes deep and dark in a slightly different direction...

    who else? i know fehr is close with both falko and bruno. music-wise, i can see more overlap with the latter.

    but one of the main reasons we contacted fehr is precisely that there arent many pushing this 'groove noir' kind of sound (which is a good tag for it).

  3. Looks great guys. Very much looking forward to rinsing this on the tram this morning. Can I just indulge in a preemptive drool over the fact that Shed is next? Nice work you kinky dudes!!!

  4. yep, get ready. shed has done a really great mix for us. and perhaps not what you'd expect! it should be up mid/late next week.

  5. Hi just wanted to say thanks for this mix. I sat on it for a few days and didnt really enjoy it, but it finally got me today and I'm loving it. The mixing is great and the tune selection is superb.

  6. Just a quick note about the tracklisting.
    The Mr Statik track is actually called "Chanting in the Auditorium" off the Temperamento release on Karloff. There is a track called "West Coast Booty" on the release but thats not the one on this mix. Cheers.

  7. eels is so cool, he knows what it's all about.
    very good.

  8. the mix is unbelievable.
    hear it loud!


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