Thursday, July 17, 2008

digging deep

i was in the mood for some tobias yesterday (whom, by the way, i'm tipping to be producer of 2008, but we'll leave that debate for another day), and headed over to pacotek's website to download again this livepa of tobias' from may last year. while i was there, i did a bit of digging and came across a 20 minute recording simply entitled 'live act'. having listened to it, my guess is that it is part of the livepa prosumer, murat tepeli and elif did at pacotek in february. *check it*

as for other sets i've been digging, i've been reminded that mnml ssgs isn't the only blog providing some quality mixes. at LWE nick höppner has put together some lovely sounds, breaks sl has done the same for the frenchies at boing poum tchak! and not to be outdone, random circuits goes deep and dark with samuli kemppi.

what else? two from producers i am not completely sold on, but they come up with the goods here. par grindvik delivered a pretty serious set at awakenings, while guido schneider has proved to me that his dj sets are not nearly as dry as his productions. i am really, really digging the guido set. great flow and energy.

also, for those who like afterhours fun, remember to tune in and drop out at bar25, which has livestreams for all their parties. i've been enjoying the streams on sunday and monday over the last few weeks and the lineup for this coming sunday looks enticing, with both of the mountain people being amongst the djs spinning.


  1. Great Guido set, been looking for some of his since his awesome Allez Allez mix.

    Anyone know the "I am excited, 50 $ or more track"?

    Would be much appreciated!

  2. @ ben: the vocal is from DHS 'house of god'

  3. Thanks Chris, must be his own bootleg version, dont think I'll be chasing down the original to soon ;)

  4. thank you so much for the prosumer/murat tepeli recording!

  5. Love the couple making out in the photo.


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