Wednesday, July 9, 2008

i have been set up.

ok, well i haven't been set up. but i have been busy. no time for proper explanations, but these are some sounds i've been digging lately:

tinman live. the ever-reliable peeps at hardwax tell us: "long acidic trippin’ retro tracks - TIP!"

more on the old school tip, an amazing old school mix based around the classic X-mix series. a seriously impressive mix this one.
red kite presents 10 years without X-mix

and a reminder of what richie sounded like when he still cared. this mix is so good. what happened? lets not start that again.
richie hawtin @ breezeblock 12.6.98

for those of you who loved the luke hess ssg mix, he is another great mix from the man.
luke hess @ radio grenouille 2007

another ssg favourite, this klock knows the time.
ben klock - bodytonic podcast 17 (24-06-2008)

who is adriaan vankeerbergen? he likes ben klock. we like him. and he has put together a really nice mix of dubbed out deep techno.
adriaan vankeerbergen - elevation mix

and last two treats i came across today:
first up, plenty of good records and a nice vibe throughout this mix. tastes good.
sweet'n'candy @ PB afterhours 6.7.2008

second, new sounds from the one man production machine. keep 'em coming. go deep.
mikael stavostrand @ kontrol 5.7.08



  1. can always do with more ben klock.
    and Adriaan's sets are great too - is that his modyfier one?

    and i'm going to grab the stavöstrand too.
    you're a machine - and i follow!

  2. Yeah, I'm keen to check out the Stavöstrand set; I've liked his stuff ever since the Mille Plateaux days.

    And massive respect to the Miami Vice crew - that photo is seriously awesome.

  3. And sucks to the Montreal Vice crew ;)

    NB I was listening to this WMF comp. the other day:

    Fascinating 'snapshot' of a moment in time. Check the tracklist:

    1 Unknown Artist Intro (0:34)
    2 Chicks On Speed Night Of The Pedestrian (4:07)
    3 Zombie Nation Döner All Day (6:25)
    4 Ben E. Clock* I ♥ You (6:11)
    5 Rawell Berlin Intern (5:11)
    6 Mitte Karaoke Die Discofibel (6:49)
    7 Elektro Music Department Follow You To The End Of The World (5:20)
    8 Antonelli Electr. Dubby Disco (4:26)
    9 Alter Ego Mensa (Dub) (6:53)
    10 Steve Bug Double You - MF (4:59)
    11 Patrick Pulsinger Dub Ischl (5:05)
    12 Thomas Fehlmann Sklingt (4:46)
    13 Farben Cycled (ARR) (6:24)
    14 Pole Rund (6:18)

    The Ben Klock track on there is really, really good too. Much more electro-techno in the style that was going around then, but plenty banging with pop smarts to boot.

  4. klock's bodytonic podcast has some belters.

    there's a wicked-looking samuli kemppi interview/set over at randomcircuits too:

    first set i've heard 'corebox' in.

  5. wicked-looking and wicked-sounding.
    check out the Dasha Rush track - MDR04's got some precedents, certainly.

    her label looks like it'd be right up your collective streets
    (if it isn't already!)

  6. @ joe: adriaan's set is the unofficial part 2 to his modyfier one i believe. to be honest, i think this one is far better. the modyfier one is pretty good, but he loses his way in the last 15-20 minutes. not so in this case. and thanks for the samuli link. reading + grabbing the set now.

    as for full panda, yeah we know and really like dasha's sound. we tried approaching her for a ssg mix but unfortunately no reply. we might have to try again - she's exactly the kind of artist we are trying to involve in the ssg series.

  7. tinman set is topstuff too. big thanks for that one - his own tracks sound great, but it's the one ~20 minutes in that I can't get over. do you know it?

    brilliantly cheeky bit of Snap in there too!
    keep these sets coming chris, you're my main dealer.

  8. re: Ben Klock Bodytonic 17 TL,

    Anyone know what the track is at 56mins? I've looked around alot and had no luck so far...




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