Sunday, July 13, 2008

mnml ssgs mx07: Jackmate (Philpot, Phil e)

Well, it never rains it pours. Hot on the heels of the SSGs' last two mixes (both fantastic) comes another doozy, this time care of Michel Baumann. Baumann is perhaps best known as Jackmate and Soulphiction, but also works as Supatone and is a member of the League Of Ordinary Gentlemen and Manmade Science. Oh, and he runs Philpot and Phil e. A busy lad. I first got hooked on Baumann's sound with his Soulphiction track 'Phake and Phoney', which appeared on a compilation of minimal house called Inhouse Volume 1 - Modern House Sounds From Deepest Germany. After that, it was his Jackmate track 'Ghetto of My Mind' – sampling Gil Scott Heron – that won me over. But more than anything, it's been Baumann's recent tracks that have been mindblowing, and whether it's sonorous Detroit-y house, slamming, rolling minimal techno or atmospheric, finely-crafted tech-house, Baumann's productions manage to be both reverential toward their influences and full of their own character, detail and life – they're classic and personal. A mantra of mine in all things work-related is this: 'Attend to your work with passion and care.' All of Baumann's work contains a similar ethic – he gives a fuck, and it shows in everything he does, whether its the crafting of beats, the development of one of the best catalogues of any label, or DJing. As for this particular mix, what we have here is... one of the best sets I've heard all year (okay, I'm not disinterested but all the same), one that effortlessly, intricately weaves together European and American sounds and styles, old and new. Some of my favourite tracks are here: Sensorama's evergreen 'Harz' (which is thirteen years old and still sounds fresh), IsolĂ©e's great remix of Lawrence, and the everdark beauty of Aphex Twin's ambient imagination. This is everything good DJing should be: intelligent and historically-engaged track selection, deft programming, and mixes that show the inter-sympathies of each tracks as well as revealing something new about both in the slide of the fader. Lad(d)ies, you're in for a real treat. Nuff preamble – here it is.

1. rod modell - aloeswood
2. sensorama - harz
3. claro intelecto - gone to the dogs
4. robert hood -
5. dave angel - tokyo stealth fighter (carl craig remix)
6. dennis ferrer - buzz beatz
7. patrick russell - love spray
8. lawrence - titel 3 (isolee Remix)
9. burial - night train
10. martyn - vancouver
11. yennek - without house
12. patrice scott - visions of mantada
13. md3 - face the nation
14. dp 6 - hungry look
15. jackmate - earthtones dub
16. quince - for my mr.
17. ur - amazon
18. osunlade - my reflection (deetron mix)
19. dop - i..m just a man
20. dj koze - i want to sleep
21. aphex twin - slaw2

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more infos about jackmate at his myspace


  1. really fantastic mix. michel has continued the trend and provided something really special for us. much, much respect to him for taking the time to put it together.

    also, the ssgcast is still out of action. hopefully it should be ok as of next month. in the meantime, you'll have to download the mix directly through fairtilizer. sorry.

  2. thanks ssgs/jackmate!

    with the ssgs mixes and the RA podcast recently i've been feeling very, very spoilt.

  3. simply amazing! without a doubt the best mix in this series so far. love the slick mixing!

  4. listening to this at work. very good. brilliant to hear the Burial/Martyn in there - Martyn really is doing exciting, original stuff right now. maybe you could snag him for a mix?
    (also maybe Tob Jona?)

    anyway, great mix.

  5. great mix. flow is superb, very smooth mixes and love the programming. that Yennek track is really nice and you can never go wrong with "Face The Nation."

  6. exciting mix! soulful & deep_ significant for him!

  7. Superb mix - all the praise in the article is justified. The hour it lasts feels like 5min. DJs should take notice and blend various styles and music from different eras in a coherent way. Too much mixes are boring because either it's current trendy producer's music or the latest release from the last 3 monthes, or both.

  8. @ most recent anonymous (could people *please* choose pseudonym to comment) – I totally agree. How boring/annoying was it when Triple R decided to mix another Traum comp. for his RA podcast?! I think this narrow self-promotion is an all-too-common part of 'what sucks about electronic music in 2008'.

    Been listening to a lot of sets by JG Wilkes recently, and enjoying them for similar reasons to the Jackmate: historically engaged, thoughtfully put together, and still up-to-the-minute.

    I'm torn between saying 'people can/should mix whatever they like, however they like' and saying !NEIN!, people should try a bit harder, dig a bit deeper.

    It's great when something is (re)presented in such a way where it's like hearing things anew. Or learning something about the relationship between two records. Or just not mixing some name DJ's top ten list that you downloaded off beatport.

    ...rant ends.

  9. what Joe #1 said!! thanks so much for this.

  10. So good to be hearing dubstep sneak into techy sets - let's hope there's more of it in the future! Thanks ssg for this mix (also the Hess one) because they're both reminders of what I fell in love with all those years ago.

  11. Brilliant!!! This is the way, eclectic!!!
    Very big mixing, to realease in cd!!
    Grettings Jackmate & mnml ssgs blog, long time ago...
    I hate too the top tens of beatport, mainstream sucks, many things have to change in the world of electronic music.
    Thanx & greetings from spain!!

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  13. Hi there!I really find that set exciting!!!Thanks for it!
    Just a lil question,who knows the name of the track from Robert Hood???
    (the track which is played @ 8min17..)
    You can contact me directly on my blog too if you have the answer :

    Tnahks in advance!!!

  14. This really is the best mix I've listened to in recent memory. It's beautiful.

  15. awesome mix, deep with a great sense of progression love the burial/martyn moment.


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