Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Neel in Tokyo!

Thanks to everyone who came down to Dommune or tuned in online. It was another great night. I was seriously impressed with DJ Nobu and Luke Slater played a great set that had Dommune rocking. Special thanks to Luke, Nobu, Heidy, Ukawa, and Yuri for making it happen. We will back at Dommune soon!

Just a quick post to say that our good friend Neel is in Tokyo this weekend. He is playing with Iori and Claudio PRC at Eleven this Saturday 7 April. Neel has been getting some attention recently for being one half of Voices from the Lake, along with Dozzy. No, this is not a press shot for Voices, but when I googled 'Voices from the Lake' this picture came up, so I am running with it. I am sure these guys would love the album too... Anyway, Voices is a properly collaborative project, so it is great to see Neel getting credit for his role. While he hasn't released much to date, he is a very talented producer and DJ and I think he has a very bright future. He has an incredibly good ear and understanding of sound. This is one distinctive element on the Voices from the Lake album - the production is excellent, it is a very subtle and well balanced piece of work. On a side note, some people have asked why we haven't been talking much here about Voices from the Lake. The main reason is that you are not going to get anything like an objective review from us. I wrote the final version of the promo sheet for the album, and I also did the liner notes for the Japanese version. So I am completely biased about it! Saying that, we do really love the album, so get yourself a copy if you haven't already.

And time permitting, we should finally be able to post a new ssg mix tonight or tomorrow. Sorry, been very busy with work and organising parties... We are sitting on two really fun mixes we want to share with you all!

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