Saturday, April 28, 2012

Ancient Methods promo CD at Disk Union

After a bit of a break, we are very happy to announce another promo CD with Disk Union Tokyo, just in time for Golden Week. This time it is the brilliant 'Some Strings Attached' mix from Ancient Methods. For the promo CD version, it is presented in lossless and the mix has been mastered by Neel. It really sounds incredible. Even more punchy and powerful than before! We also have some special artwork for the mix, which our friend Patrick kindly did. So from today spend 5000 yen or more on techno or house music at Disk Union and get yourself a copy of the CD. All the details are here. And the good news for other ssgs is that next month we'll be giving some copies to Hardwax to distribute, so keep an eye out! Big thanks to Ancient Methods, Neel, Patrick, Hardwax and Disk Union for making this happen.

コアなミュージック・フリークから絶大な支持を集めるDJ MIX配信ブログ"MNML SSGS"とDISK UNION、HARD WAXによるスペシャル・コラボレーションが実現!

4/28(土) 0時以降のご注文から、税込5,000円以上お買い上げでANCIENT METHODSのMIX-CD(NOT CD-R!)1枚をプレゼント!  今回のためにNEEL(VOICES FROM THE LAKE)がマスタリングを施してくれたスペシャルな1枚です!  また、今回はなんと世界中のアンダーグラウンドなアーティスト/DJが敬意を表して止まないベルリンのレコードショップHARD WAXでも本作を配布予定! 

※MIX CDの内容は「Ssg Special - Ancient Methods 'Some Strings Attached'」と同一のものです。

+ 特典は無くなり次第、キャンペーン終了とさせていただきます。予めご了承くださいませ。

+ 対象商品 : 新品または中古品のTECHNO, HOUSEのCD・レコード等音楽ソフト(イベントチケットは対象外)。
+ 交換方法 : 期間中に対象商品を一回のお買い上げ5,000円(税込)で1枚プレゼント。

+ 開催店舗 :
CLUB MUSIC ONLINE(通販) 渋谷クラブミュージックショップ 新宿クラブミュージックショップ 下北沢クラブミュージックショップ 柏クラブミュージックショップ  吉祥寺店  町田店  千葉店 北浦和店 池袋店


  1. Wow, I'd love to get my hands on this -- definitely my heads and shoulders above favourite mix of 2011. Is it possible the lossless version will be made available to buy digitally (for those of us outside of Japan or Germany)?

  2. Managed to source this from HardWax -- thanks so very much minimal sausagers!

  3. big thanks to everyone involved for making this happen. and hardwax kindly made sure to send some of the CDRs through their mail order, so hopefully some people from different parts of the world were able to get copies.

    thanks to all!

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