Wednesday, April 11, 2012

EOD tracklist

Here's the tracklist for EOD's ssg special. The mix is a great introduction to his music, and also gives you a good indication of what you can expect in the future under the EOD and CN aliases.

ssg special - EOD

01 EOD - Retcho (upcoming, TBA)
02 Point A (upcoming, TBA)
03 Travellax (upcoming, TBA)
04 Basin (upcoming, TBA)
05 EOD - Matter (upcoming, TBA)
06 CN - Adyton (Ra, WeMe313.8, OUT SOON!)
07 EOD - Planet Buster (upcoming, TBA)
08 EOD - The Fishmen Arrive (upcoming, TBA)
09 CN - Beyond the Corridors (The Derelict, WR, OUT ... SOMETIME!)
10 I See 3 (upcoming, TBA)
11 CN - Numeron (!!!???)
12 EOD - The Fishmen Depart (upcoming, TBA)
13 EOD - Cannibal Acid 3 (upcoming, TBA)
14 EOD - Branch (upcoming, TBA)

Thanks again to EOD for the mix. We'll be back tomorrow with another ssg special...


  1. The voice samples are from "Under the Pyramids" by H.P. Lovecraft if I'm not mistaken. If there is an audio-book containing this story, I would like to know where I can get it.


  2. wow, thanks for that! i was able to enjoy my day despite being savagely overworked!


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