Friday, April 20, 2012

March / April charts

I put together a chart last month, and somehow it never got posted. Anyway, here is a slightly revised version.

Pulse Emitter - "Aeons" [Aguirre]

Peaking Lights – "936 Remixed" [100% Silk]

Symmetry - "Themes For An Imaginary Film" [Italians Do It Better]

Frak - "Triffid Gossip" [Kontra-Musik White Label]

Conrad Schnitzler - "Endtime" [m=minimal]

Wolfgang Voigt - "Rückverzauberung 6" [Magazine]

Tomoroh Hidari - "Some Stars Not Yet Black Holes"[RecordLabelRecords]

Ukkonen - "The Isolated Rhythms of Ukkonen" [Uncharted Audio]

Christian Cosmos - "Enthronement By God As The First-Born Of The Dead" [Hospital Productions]

Somaticae - "Lack Of Serotonin" [In Paradisum]

I picked up the new Sand Circles on NNF the other day, and that is sounding very cool, as does the Design release on 100% Silk. I need to give them more listens, though.

Also my wife invested in the new John Bender boxset on Vinyl-On-Demand and from what I have heard it is thoroughly excellent. Expensive, but money well spent (not by me). If you are thinking about getting any stuff from Vinyl-On-Demand, I would really encourage you to buy direct from the label. Fantastic service and super nice to deal with.

More soon.


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  2. thanks for the heads up on Christian Cosmos! can you recommend anything else from that camp? I love the Vatican Shadow stuff and also the Prurient album but i find quite a lot of the rest of it impenetrable. but that Christian Cosmos album has definitely hit the spot tonight..


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