Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Svreca in Tokyo

Thanks to NES and everyone who came or tuned into Dommune last night. It was a really fantastic session from Antonio and Valerio. A fantastic way to finish off 3 amazing days of music. But we only have a very short rest before there is more... Svreca from Semantica records is coming to Tokyo and we've helped to organise a Dommune show with him on Thursday night. For us Semantica has been one of the most interesting, high quality techno labels over the last couple of years and we are very happy he is coming to Tokyo. Svreca is playing at the Frue - Etheric Uprise party at Unit on Saturday, which should be an excellent venue for his sound, along with Raz Mesinai aka Badawi, who is playing live. Steven Porter - a Japanese techno act that has released on Semantica - is also playing live, and ssg favourite C_Olvrin is playing in the second room. So it should be a very interesting night of music. Thoroughly looking forward to it. And beforehand, Svreca will be playing Dommune, with local DJ A Taut Line, who will be putting together a downbeat set to start the night. Thoroughly looking forward to both parties. Details are:

Thursday 8 March, 21:00 - 24:00 (Japan time)
Svreca (Spain / Semantica), A Taut Line (Japan / Diskotopia)
Register to attend here

Frue - Etheric Uprise
Saturday 10 March, Unit
DJ: Svreca, Inner Science
Live: Raz Mesinai aka Badawi, Steven Porter

And after these two parties hopefully we will have a bit of rest. But plenty more techno coming through Tokyo in the next month or two...


  1. To be honest, i didnt get it, was some good music in the beggining of his set, but then it became boring and when techno started expected not only a better technique of playing but also something different.
    maybe it was me, maybe it was a bad day, but i was really dissappointed :/ but thanks ssgs for everything you do for us!

  2. I only caught the last hour but what I heard was very good. Thanks again guys.

  3. I was at work during his Dommune set, anyone know of a recording?


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