Sunday, March 11, 2012


Just a quick note to say that the "Composure: Ambient Techno for Japan" compilation is now available to purchase through bandcamp, in both digital and physical formats. There were some unexpected delays and problems with organising distribution for this outside Japan, which meant until now a lot of people have not had a chance to get this release. Very glad this has now been resolved and everyone has access to this great compilation. I would strongly recommend purchasing it - not only is it for a very worthy cause (all profits go to the Tohoku Kids Project) - there is also some really excellent music for you to enjoy. The contributions by Donato Dozzy and Donnacha Costello alone make this worth buying, easily two of my favourite tracks from 2011.

Today is the one year anniversary of the 3/11 disasters, so it is a very appropriate time for Mindgames to release this compilation through bandcamp. It has been a difficult 12 months in Japan, but I have been consistently impressed by the way most of this country has responded. I say 'most' because unfortunately too many politicians, bureaucrats and big businesses have been more concerned with protecting their own interests than in properly responding to the situation in Tohoku. I really hope Japan does not lose this chance to learn from what happened and build back stronger.

Respect to Mindgames for putting this compilation together, and thanks to the techno community that has been so supportive over the last year.


  1. Ordered mine yesterday, thanks for reminding me!

  2. Was lucky enough to grab a copy of this in Disk Union after Lab '11. A wonderful comp made for a very worthy cause. The two tracks you mention, Chris, are indeed the winners.


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