Sunday, March 4, 2012

MNML SSGS at Dommune on Monday!

We wanted to make sure that ssgs elsewhere in the world could enjoy natural/electronic.system., so we are doing a Dommune session with them on Monday. They will be playing the whole 3 hours. Make sure to tune in! And if you are in Tokyo, please come and join us. NES for 3 hours on Funktion Ones... It is going to be quality.

Register here to attend!

MNML SSGS night at Dommune
natural/electronic.system. (3 hour set)
Monday 5 March
21:00 - 24:00 (Japan time)

Tune in at Dommune or ustream

For people in other timezones, according to my calculations, you should tune in at these times (anywhere else, I suggest using this timezone converter):

Melbourne 23:00 - 02:00
Moscow 16:00 - 19:00
Berlin 13:00 - 16:00
London 12:00 - 15:00
New York 07:00 - 10:00

Also on Thursday night we are helping to put on another night at Dommune, with special guest Svreca from Spain, who heads the very excellent Semantica label, and A Taut Line, a Tokyo based DJ and producer who runs the Diskotopia label. Register for the Thursday Dommune here. Svreca is town for the Etheric Uprise party at Unit next Saturday, which we are very excited about and thoroughly recommend going to.  But first we suggest coming to Dommune on Monday and Thursday. This is going to be a big week of music in Tokyo!

Thanks to Ukawa-san for having us at Dommune. Make sure to come down or tune in!


  1. thanks mnmlssgs 100th time? i couldnt go to svreca locally yesterday :( and had deep thoughts about nsi playing last night and how much fun it must be! thank you ssgs for everything :)

  2. Looking forward to this!

    I think I have registered at Dommune but i've received an email from them in Japanese so i've got no idea what it says.

    Is there anything special I need to do to tune in?

  3. registration is for those who wants to attend?

  4. yep, register to attend. anybody can watch it through dommune or ustream.

  5. Brilliant session, I hope someone out there managed to record it.

    Thanks to the n/e.s boys and mnml ssgs for making my Monday afternoon at work much more enjoyable!

  6. If anyone has a recording please share!

  7. somebody posted the link but i have removed it. can i please ask you not to post or share the link from dommune online? there are two reasons for this:

    1.) it is dommune policy not to record the sets, so we would prefer it if people respect this.

    2.) there was a problem with the sound for the first 30-60 minutes of the stream of the NES dommune set. basically the visual efx were triggering sound effects on the stream. this was not NES, but the VJ - when he was doing efx it was changing the music. we did not know about this problem because we were listening to it live and not the stream. the VJ had accidentally pressed a button or something. when we found out about the problem we had it fixed immediately.

    the first part of what people heard on the dommune stream was not an accurate reflection of what NES were doing. they do not use shitty efx!

    we already have quite a few NES sets online, and we will be featuring more in the future, so could i please ask that you respect our request and not post the dommune recording.



  8. I posted it. Didn't meant to hurt anyone by that. Just wanted to share good mix (despite all the troubles with fx) with the others. And your blocking this file on sharing site just odd.

  9. yeah, i know you meant nothing bad by posting the recording. but dommune does not want the recording online, and neither do we or NES. we are planning on posting some of the recording from the module party soon. i think this will more than suffice.


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