Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Laika Spacey Future: PC discovers radio on the Far Side Virtual

Hello all,

was on the radio again on Monday evening (neither the d&b nor the Tom Waits that bookend the set are mine, surprisingly). Unfortunately, for a bunch of complicated reasons, we can't offer this show as a downloadable mp3; it's streamable in 'high quality' from here.

Inverted commas aggressively intended: it turns out that PBS' turntables were *not* in good condition. It's hard for me to agree they're a 'progressive broadcaster' given the state they were in. Tracks played from vinyl are mostly mono - inc monolake*, hah! - I listened through though, and it's bearable, though not the seamless presentation of past/present/future that we expect in the contemporary world. Also managed to feature a couple of tracks of Ukkonen's gorgeous forthcoming album, so this is a bit of a sneaky treat.

Many thanks to James for 'avin me on (not that he's the kind of Englishman to swallow his Hs).

Also, here's the William Gibson thing I mentioned, and another great article on the history of computing, via an interview with George Dyson (not the Hoover Disprover – that's James Dyson. I thought: wow, the vacuum dude has written a book on computing, cool! Nup).

Oh, and here are the lyrics for David Byrne's 'In the Future', worth following as you listen. Hilarious, prescient, and a bit frightening (just like David Byrne). Or you can watch and listen, here.


Closer Musik | 1, 2, 3 (No Gravity)
Kraftwerk | Spacelab

Ukkonen | Seventy Three Days of Radiance | The Isolated Rhythms of Ukkonen

Pulse Emitter | Spaceship | Aeons
Andreas Reihse | LA (feat PIB) | Romantic Comedy

Monolake | Alaska
Thomas Brinkmann | Karin

Ukkonen | Tellervo | The Isolated Rhythms of Ukkonen
FRAK | Choosing Format | Muzika Electronica

Equalized | 002
Hieroglyphic Being | Space is the Place (Intro)

Pulse Emitter | Immortality | Aeons
David Byrne | In The Future | Music from the Knee Plays

* textedit keeps on trying to change monolake to moonlike; seems like even the computer is off its spaceface today. Can you hear me, Major Tom?

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  1. Every track's a winner, nice work PC. Enjoyed the Ukkonen track in particular.


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