Friday, July 22, 2011

TodaysArt - Update

For those of you not following us on Twitter, there have been quite a lot more announcements for the Todays Art festival, which is happening in The Hague, 23-24 September 2011. In assisting with the musical programming across the two nights, we tried to adopt a similar ethos to the one we have for selecting our mixes: gather a cross selection of more established names that we love, as well as other artists that might not have the same level of recognition but we really believe are talented. I think we've managed to find a good balance of sounds and styles... In addition to the names already mentioned in the first post, we have a couple more 'core' MNML SSGS artists playing. Ancient Methods may end up destroying the place with their distinctive and destructive brand of war funk, and Peter van Hoesen will be coming straight from Labyrinth to provide further evidence that he is currently one of the best operators in techno music. Nuel, Dozzy's Aquaplano partner, will be also spinning. He has an LP due on Further around the same time as the festival, and for me this is definitely one of the best albums I have heard in 2011. Another ssg favourite on the decks is the lovely Eli Verveine, who will be bringing her unique brand of warm, personal house. We are also excited that Raime will be playing live. Their EPs on Blackest Ever Black were two of our favourite releases of 2010, and we've been hearing excellent reports about their live show. All in all, we think TodaysArt has managed to assemble a diverse and interesting set of artists.

So here is the full programme as of 17 July:

Gob Squad [UK/DE] - Saving the World | Martin Messier [CA/QC] - Sewing Machine Orchestra | Martin Messier + Nicolas Bernier [CA/QC] - La Chambre Des Machines | Transforma [DE] + YRO [FR] - Asynthome

Arion de Munck [NL] - Vierkant en Rond | Keg de Souza [AU] - Gigloo | Lucas Abela [AU] - Vinyl Arcade | Maurice Bogaert [NL] - The Morphed Set (WORKSPACE 11)

Ancient Methods [DE - RSB / Sonic Groove] | Awesome Tapes From Africa [US] | Baris K [TR] | Bo Marley [DK - Jahtari] | Chloé [FR - Kill The DJ / BPitch Control] | Daedelus [US - Ninja Tune / Brainfeeder / Plug Research] | Danton Eeprom [FR/UK - Infiné / Fondation] | dÉbruit [FR/UK - Musique Large / Civil Music] | Delta Funktionen [NL - Delsin / Ann Aimee] | diskJokke [NO - Smalltown Supersound / Full Pupp] | Disrupt + Soom T [DE/UK - Jahtari / Werk Discs] | Dompteur Mooner [DE - Erkrankung Durch Musique] | Elektro Guzzi [AT - Macro] | Eli Verveine [CH] | Jacek Sienkiewicz [PL - Recognition / Cocoon] | Jazzsteppa [UK/DE - Hotflush / Studio Rockers] | Kangding Ray [FR/DE - Raster-Noton] | Kevin Drumm [US] + Thomas Ankersmit [NL/DE] | Luomo [FI - Force Tracks / Huume] | Nuel [IT - Regular / Aquaplano] | Oni Ayhun | Peter Van Hoesen [BE - Time To Express] | Plapla Pinky [FR - Sonore] | Raime [UK - Blackest Ever Black] | Sculpture [UK - Dekorder] | Senking [DE - Raster-Noton / Karaoke Talk] | Todd Terje [NO - Soul Jazz / Full Pupp / Permanent Vacation] | Ulf Eriksson [SE - Kontra-Musik] | Vladislav Delay Quartet [FI/AR/DE - Honest Jon's]


Weekend and day passes are now available through regular presale here:

Day - € 25
Weekend - € 35
Weekend Support - € 55
(Support tickets include an extra contribution towards TodaysArt) 

Considering that everything above is included in that price tag, € 35 is a very reasonable price for the weekend. We will keep you updated here, but for full info make sure to check: 
TodaysArt homepage / facebook / twitter

Unfortunately PC can't make it, but I've booked my flight and will be coming from Japan for this. Hope to see some ssgs there. Very excited.


  1. would love to come here, but a bit too expensive for me :/ and same weekend theres a festival in poland which is only 240km drive from where i live.. mosse, silent servant, hood, aux 88.. but hope you guys will have a lot of fun too!

  2. The line-up is quite simply the best I've seen for a techno festival in Europe. It has many artists that I'm dying to see, but are never booked in France where I live, so I'll definitely be there. I hadn't gathered that you participated in the musical programming, congrats about that !

  3. The line up is awesome. Very tempted!

    One quick Q - How does the festival work logistically in terms of venue(s)? Is it possible to see all the artists play or are they spread across multiple venues playing simultaneously?

    Also what are the venue(s)? Some club(s) in The Hague or an outdoor area or?


  4. @paul
    Last year there were artist across a number of venues (3 or 4), all located in the city centre of the Hague. Luckily, the Hague has a very small centre, so everything is within walking distance.

    Tickets in the bag, this should be awesome. Great that you managed to bring Ancient Methods over, really looking forward to seeing them! Last year's set by Alva Noto was the most mindblowing, futuristic machine funk that I have ever witnessed.

  5. @Paul

    Yep. Most of the venues last year were within 10-15 minutes walking distance. The only significant clash choice we had to make was between Unit Moebius and NWAQ/Morphosis on the last night.

    I missed Alva Noto but they were in same venue as the small crowd of over-30 numpties roaring our heads off to Shake rocking two copies of Sensuous Woman goes Disco.

    Make sure you get to the Belgian bar venue- very small but great beer, friendly staff & crowd and very very entertaining vibe.

    This was a great weekend. The Hague is a lovely city, the festival is nicely proportioned with a good mix of serious/thoughtful and fun/hilarous programming.


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