Sunday, July 17, 2011

Sunday Sounds

We haven't had a Sunday Sounds in a while, but this is one mix I really wanted to share with everyone. I featured Gesloten Cirkel in my recent charts because of their seriously jacking techno EP, but this mix shows that they also know their way around more downbeat sounds. I tried - and failed - to get a ssg mix from Gesloten Cirkel, but at least we have this two hour journey into space:

Gesloten Cirkel - Low Orbit mix

Have a good Sunday ssgs.


  1. here is the tracklisting:

    moosley bay observatory 2
    drexciya - bubble metropolis
    FSOL - Cerebral
    Paul Ruskay - Track 17 (Homeworld 2 OST)
    Karl Runau - Darthmoor Angel
    Monopoly - The Daily Noodle 0027
    Vangelis - Animoid Row
    Vangelis - Taffey Lewis Night Club
    Vangelis - Salomes Dance
    Biosphere - Antennaria
    Monopoly - Ramayana
    Ishq - Yu
    David Hudson,Sarah Hopkins,Steve Roach - Atmosphere for Dreaming
    Sense - Etheral
    Sense - Splush (35mm)
    Sense - Masspac
    Biosphere - Gravity Assist
    David Hudson,Sarah Hopkins,Steve Roach - Red Dust & Sweat
    Ratsnake - Valley
    Ishq - Arc
    Biosphere - Green Reflections
    Steve Roach, Robert Rich & Brian Eno - Invocation
    Biosphere - Thermal Motion
    Hideki Okugawa - New Fear
    Hideki Okugawa - Eerie Stillness
    Toto - The Sleeper Has Awakened!
    Toto - Paul takes the Water of Life
    Paul Ruskay - Animatic 009 (Homeworld 2 OST)
    Paul Ruskay - Animatic 012 (Homeworld 2 OST)
    David Hudson,Sarah Hopkins,Steve Roach - Darktime/Initiation
    Steve - recording of drummers
    Sense - Wa Slo Tar
    Biosphere - Shenzou
    LeftCorporation, Ratsnake - Forest
    Ratsnake - Take Me Away
    Autechre - Perlence Suns
    LeftCorporation - jarrey
    LeftCorporation - For In The Road
    Sense - Seems Like A Jam
    Burial - Untitled
    Burial - In McDonalds
    FSOL - Domain
    FSOL - Cerebral
    Sense & Ratsnake - Jamhtekl
    Monopoly - Blue Ghost (Ratsnake's Yellow Ghost Mix)
    LeftCorporation - In Outer Space
    Sense - Less Than Perfect
    Vangelis - Deckard's Dream
    Vangelis - Esper Analysis
    Paul Ruskay - L03 (Turok OST)
    Steve Roach - Arrival


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