Sunday, July 10, 2011


Since 11 March, Dommune has been very active in responding to Japan's triple disaster, raising over 7,800,000 yen (almost US$100,000), as well as hosting regular talk shows dealing with issues related to the ongoing challenges this country faces in responding and rebuilding. Never shy with their ideas, in August Dommune will take their internet streaming talk & music show to the next level, putting on a free festival in Kawasaki (just outside of Tokyo). The primary aim of FREEDOMMUNE 0 ZERO is to aid the Great East Japan Earthquake recovery effort by raising donations through people attending and watching the festival online, as well as show support and boost the spirits of those who have been affected.

The plan for the festival is to basically make a gigantic Dommune: there will be 3 stages, with over 40 DJs, plus 1 stage that will be a dedicated talk show (people overseas probably haven't seen it, but before the music each night at Dommune they have a talk show discussing everything from music to politics). And building on the very strong track record of guests, FREEDOMMUNE has put together a impressive lineup. So far the artists announced include:

Jeff Mills, Stewart Walker (live), DVS1, DJ Nobu, Ken Ishii, Gabriel Ananda, Whitehouse (live), Merzbow (live), Keiji Haino (live) and more.

A very diverse and quality lineup, and it will be great seeing them all outside. As with regular Dommune, you need to register in advance. There are a limited amount of regular free registration places, and it appears these are already full. I think there might be some more free invitations, we will let you know if we get some. The second way to register is to buy the FREEDOMMUNE guide book for ¥1,575 (revenue from the book will be used to cover the operational costs of the festival). The book goes on sale 3 August, and is available for preorder through Dommune, and will also be available in certain shops.

So the details for FREEDOMMUNE 0 ZERO are:

Friday 19 August 2011 [all night]
Higahi Ohgishima East Park, Kawasaki City [access]
More information / homepage

We'll keep you updated here and on twitter as we receive more information about the festival. For more info, check the FREEDOMMUNE 0 ZERO site. Dommune is run by some really good people and I am impressed with what they are trying to do with this event. Full support from the ssgs!

And while talking about Dommune, there will be a Prologue night this Wednesday 13 July with Claudio PRC and Dino Sabatini, ahead of their appearance at the Rural 2011 festival next weekend.


  1. the line-up is seriously f*$king *no words to describe how epic/legendary it really is*

    i mean, stewart walker, with whitehouse, and keiji haino! it's like some amazing mixture of old school techno dj's and intense noise.

  2. Thanks for sharing this info. I just registered through pre-ordering the book but it seems that just buying the book is NOT enough - you also have to register on their website and bring a print-out of the confirmation mail that they send you TOGETHER WITH the invitation enclosed in the book.

  3. PS: And they recommend registering as soon as you pre-ordered the book, as these spaces are limited too. If you wait with registering until the book arrives in your mail in early August it will likely be too late.


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