Friday, July 22, 2011

June in July

Following on from an excellent ssg mix last year, and a lovely new album, June recently put together a guest mix for the Fill Yer Boots crew. And I have to say, this new mix is an absolute killer. Potentially one of my favourites of 2011. So do yourself a favour and get on it:

FYB Guest Mix 6: June

1. Myriadd - Beyond This Life
2. Sterling Void - Serve It Up (Extended Original Instrumental Version)
3. Underground Resistance - 303 Sunset
4. Jomanda - I'll Give It To You (Come Get It) (Seduction Mix)
5. Hieroglyphic Being - Inconsistent Measure
6. Steve Poindexter - State Of Shock
7. Hot Hands Hula - 70th And King Drive
8. Virgo - Go Wild Rythm Trax (B4)
9. DAF - Brothers (Gabi Mix)
10. Pierre Pfantasy Club - Dream Girl (Wet Dream)
11. Terrance McDonald - Mind Over Matter (New Mix)
12. Jeff Mills - Zakir


  1. Stream only? Unfortunate, especially given yr words on MLAT. Any chance of DL? Loved his ssgs mix

  2. they must have hit their DL limit. i'll upload it tonight when i'm home.

  3. i only got onto this the other day finally.
    fuck-yeah it's sweet.
    a bunch of records to chase down.

  4. here's a new link:


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