Monday, January 10, 2011

sandwell district on dommune

this will be a quick post, as i'm just starting to recover from sandwell district at unit last night. regis and function absolutely killed it. the club was packed, and normally i can't enjoy myself when it is too crowded, but SD were just too good. compared to when i saw them about a year ago, i was impressed with how much they have developed their performance - they were completely in sync throughout the night and never went too hard, always pulling it back at the right moments. this was a very clear demonstration that sandwell district are right on top of their game. don't think there is anyone better in techno right now.

and if you don't believe me, sandwell district are playing at the tokyo 'internet club' dommune on monday night, so you can tune into the live video stream and check for yourself. details are:

mindgames presents sandwell district at dommune
monday 10 january 2011

japan time: 21:00 - 24:00
berlin: 13:00 - 16:00
london: 12:00 - 15:00
new york: 07:00 - 10:00
melbourne: 23:00 - 02:00

tune in at: or

huge respect to regis, function, and the mindgames crew for the fantastic party last night. looking forward to the dommune show!


  1. thanks for reminder, just finished listening to the album, as much as i was sceptic about the SD feels like they had made one of the best albums in 2010 or maybe even longer.

  2. Gonna set my alarm and tune in at 13:00 (Stockholm).
    Thanks for the tip!

  3. Wow..checked ssgs just in time..I just tuned in at 10:45. Thanks.

    Wasn't Sat. nuts?? It was well worth the bus ride down from Nagano. Best set I've heard from them. Yeah, I couldn't believe how much I enjoyed it considering how packed it was...and it was still packed when I bailed out at 6:00.

    Knowing who put the night on though, I think everyone loved it while at the same time were so wishing it was outside on Labyrinth sound.

    miked @

  4. Simply amazing set, thank you guys!
    There is a slim chance to hear this beauty again in the record.

  5. had very similar sentiments after silent servant/function at the bunker...not to mention how effortless function manages to look throughout his sets...the album is really great, i gotta say that the 7in of ambient/drone is my favorite part

  6. very dissappointed wont really get into why.. but all this hype for this.. album is much better than their 'dj' sets

  7. Glad it all went well.. cant believe i missed last night! dammit!!!

    ps. Rokas:

    ''very dissappointed wont really get into why... ''

    do tell. I have only ever heard less than amazing sets online of them together from a while back so very interested to hear more recent feedback on their set. did you do on Saturday in Tokyo?

  8. PPS Miked: interesting little blog you got there. youre in Nagano? Do you know Craig then... or it miked an alias?

  9. well no im not from japan.. :) i just think they're getting to much of attention right now.. same tracks for quite some time for example functions burn, i dont understand whats so good about that track to play it everytime. all that i enjoyed was old tracks they played,of which most of the tracks wouldnt even be bothered to check by people but if SD played them, they're great:) and in a way i didnt feel real techno vibe in their set there.. maybe its because it was dommune, maybe they were tired or maybe its because of me.. actually if i would have tuned at like 1hr left that would be ok.. it got boring after nothing happening for few hours.. ot the problem is just me. but anyway its just my opinion:) this underground is becoming so mainstream that i cant overlook it

  10. "all that i enjoyed was old tracks they played,of which most of the tracks wouldnt even be bothered to check by people but if SD played them, they're great:)"

    you've got that a priori techno knowledge and all other sd fans are fakes, right? people who like sd don't understand techno culture like you do, so sd should be cast off, right? mainstream losers

    who's so underground anymore, anyways? you're complaining about SD being mainstream on mnml ssgs for chrissakes!

    i love this site, been quiet but observant for years now, but you know how many times i hear this site name dropped when im out in ny?

    if you want this culture to stay your private little party that makes you feel exclusive, stop contributing to this and other blogs that make this music accessible to "outsiders"

    the most mainstream shit i've been to was the donato dozzy show in ny this past weekend. talk about people not giving a shit what music they were friends and I and some other acquaintances actually got challenges to fight on the dancefloor! at a dozzy show!

    ...lets attack the mainstream-ification of our culture when it invites in predatory and malignant outsiders, not when we don't feel exclusive anymore

  11. oh come on wake up:) whats your problem? its just my opinion :)
    ofcourse they aint underground, nobody is today, but then why they sell them as they're:)
    i really liked their album i think not so many better/if better albums were out for techno in 2010..
    i think it has been a very big topic so many times:) but when something hits big it immediately becomes a product and please tell me what a product is?
    i really dont want to start this discussion, chris please kill this one:)
    i will never really get the point of attacking people who didnt like something what others did.. would love to talk on a normal discusion board about this:) sad i will never be able to make up for labyrinth

  12. Being based in the UK I couldn't listen to this one. Not sure how they roll, is there any chance Dommune make this set available for download at some point in the future?

  13. rokas, you're right i went a little overboard ranting, sorry :)

    of course you're entitled to an opinion, i've just heard a lot of anti-sandwell sentiment recently and it just seems like the inevitable electronic-world backlash...sorry to have taken out my frustration for a general trend on you personally... my opinion is that those guys are very honest and forthcoming about their output, i enjoyed them live, i enjoy their album, seems like a worthwhile act is getting some recognition...just find the mainstream/underground argument to be a little tired and reactionary

    the most valid argument against SD i've heard is that the album retreads some areas already explored on the samplers...

    and much love to ssgs, didn't mean to attack anyone for being mainstream, i think many/most of the artists who've gained general recognition from this blog deserve it!

  14. as far as i know this is the best quality recording available of sandwell at dommune. 200 min, 162kbps:

    and here is the video, if you so desire:

  15. Wonderful set. Really got its claws in me. Anyone know the record being played from 1:56:26 until about 1:59:00?

    I know it's a small shot, but people on the Dommune chat seemed to recognise nearly every song played during the livestream. (Only I wasn't paying attention then.)

  16. you can also find a refined mp3 file here (192 kbps):

    i've worked on the original 162 kbps file with the audacity free software to remove all frustrating blanks... enjoy and thx again to chris for sharing!


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