Monday, January 10, 2011

MNML SSGS party in Tokyo!

One big development for MNML SSGS in 2010 was us branching out into the 'real world', so to speak, with a series of Disk Union CDRs, a night at Dommune in Tokyo with C_olvrin and Dasha Rush, and a Christmas party in Melbourne. In 2011 we plan to continue developing this side of the blog and are really excited by the possibilities it holds. An important step in this is that MNML SSGS will be hosting its first club night in Tokyo on Sunday 20 March 2011 (night before a public holiday) at Module in Shibuya. Since moving here almost a year ago I've putting a lot of energy into developing the Japanese side of the blog (with the constant help of my wife Yuri), and contributing to the scene here in Tokyo. After thinking about it for a while, we felt it was time to do a party, and do it right. There was no point doing an event for the sake of doing one, but we found some artists we really wanted to have play for us in Tokyo and we've secured a really great underground venue for it. The aim is to basically do a party with the same aesthetic and approach that informs MNML SSGS.

In the main room (B2F), we have invited Convextion aka E.R.P. to play live. I've been lucky enough to witness him play at Labyrinth twice and both times he was brilliant. His 2008 set is one of the best livepas I've ever witnessed. Convextion might not be the biggest name around, but he is amongst the best. Beautiful, beautiful music. Not only is he is a great artist, Gerard also happens to be a lovely guy, and it will be an absolute pleasure bringing him back to Japan. Convextion will be joined by DJ Sprinkles, aka Terre Thaemlitz, who will be playing the rest of the night. Despite living just near Tokyo, Terre doesn't actually play out here very often, so this is a great opportunity to see him play. Terre has been DJing for a long time now, and has developed a very unique and important voice. Behind the decks he is remarkably versatile and broad in his selections, weaving together his distinctive brand of house music. Convextion and DJ Sprinkles all night. That's a pretty awesome lineup, as far as we are concerned...

Keeping with the ssgs spirit, the side room (B1F) will be based on the chill out rooms that used to exist in the 1990s but have unfortunately largely disappeared from parties today (we've talked about the situation here). I'll be braving the decks and I'll be joined by Dave the Silent Ssg, C_Olvrin, and two more ssgs, Jeff and Jerome. We will be playing ambient, downbeat, IDM and experimental music all night. I really miss chill out rooms and I am very excited about bringing it back, even if only for one night.

So the details are:

B2F: Convextion aka E.R.P. Live, DJ Sprinkles aka Terre Thaemlitz
B1F: MNML SSGS chill out DJs

2011.3.20 Sunday before holiday
Module, Shibuya

Really excited about this! Expect more plenty more updates about the party.


  1. grats on the party :) a live radio feed? that would be awesome, as most (?) of the ssgs arent from japan?

  2. sorry, there will not be any live feeds or recordings of the party. only way you can experience it to be there!

    and in terms of visits, japan is our 3rd biggest audience, after the UK and the US (germany is 4th and australia 5th). so there a lot of j-ssgs!!!

  3. ahh sad.. wont be visiting japan soon (if ever)..
    i didnt expect that it is j-ssg:) but thats a great thing to hear:)
    wish you a great party

  4. Excellent. Top line-up and the chill out room sounds great. Hope it goes well.

    Also looking forward to future parties in Melbourne all being well.

    *record the sets* ;)

  5. Just wanted to let you know that you have here a F-ssgs, which is a french tight follower of mnml ssgs, we love you here also! big up to you and eternal love to DJ Sprinkles, we had him here few months ago, he is indeed so brilliant! keep up the great work...

  6. Best of luck with this Chris - sure Gerard will smash it up good and proper. And props for keeping the REAL room 2 spirit alive. Wish we could do the same thing here in London...

  7. we're lamenting the demise of chillout floors quite often here as well... maybe the connotation just is the wrong one, there's no rule against dancing afterall.. just an opposition to the idea that there's a "peak time" and things like that ;)


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