Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Into Light tracklist

Hope 2011 is off to a good start for all the ssgs out there. Thanks to everyone who has checked the mix I made to bring in the new year. I'm pretty happy with it turned out. Some really beautiful music badly crossfaded (but the mix as a whole is pretty well constructed I think)... A few people asked for the tracklist, so here it is:

Chris - Into Light mix

FUSE - Nitedrive
From Within - Snake Charmer
Laurent Garnier - Water Planet
Sysex - At First Flight
Drexciya - Neon Falls
Model 500 - Starlight (Soultek remix)
ERP - Sensory Process
Dopplereffekt - Z-Boson
Drexciya - C to the Power of X + C to the Power of X = MM = Unknown
Cybotron - Techno City

Thanks for listening. Next week it'll be back to the professionals with a special mix from Lucy.


  1. thanks chris, i kinda thought it was all 2010 tracks at first.. and then i thought how much i have missed this year:) now i get it :)
    thanks again for beautiful journey.
    lucy? sorry to sound harsh, but in my opinion he is one of the biggest berghain ass lickers

  2. @ rokas: haha, yeah, almost all the tracks there are old!

    as for lucy, well, you should trust us... my feeling is that lucy and his label SA are still developing their sound, but they are definitely heading in the right direction, and i expect big things from lucy in the years to come. obviously they are inspired by berghain, and connected in with the current zeitgiest, but they've got their own distinct aesthetic.

  3. well i will give it a listen thats for sure , just no expectations from him, when i listened to some set from berghain which you gave link to, i didnt find suitable for mnmlssg , somehow .. :)
    imo you should go for less known/beginner artists.

  4. as i said, have faith! there is a very clear logic why we asked lucy for a mix, and why we asked him for one now.

  5. Very enjoyable collection of tracks Chris, and I am looking forward to the Lucy mix!

  6. thanks for tracklist!
    just one thing - drexciya track should be without "21" because it's a track no. in the album:]]

  7. oooh, nice. I'll listen to any set with Drexciya in it.
    thank you! happy new year

    enjoy the gig tomorrow night!!!

  8. lucy played in new york a few months ago and played one of the best fucking sets i've ever heard. he's without a doubt in the upper echelon. absolutely fantastic. he pulled out a daft punk cut & whirlpool productions' "from: disco to: disco" to close out after a night of uncompromising, nuanced and immaculately played techno. he knows exactly what the fuck he's doing.

  9. hey chris, you got that ERP track on record? Or is there some digital version around. I ain't spending the 200 Euro someone is asking on discogs...

    also i keep coming back to this mix...really good one.

  10. @ jimmy: the copy i used is off a semantica compilation CD:

    my wife bought it directly though the semantica website.

    but they have just repressed it, so you can get a copy for normal price if you move quick:

  11. sweet thanks chris.

    looks like the repress is just the erp track...which ain't so bad.

    might go the cd option, the rest of it any good?

  12. listening to this right now after a long absence. such a nice mix with gorgeous songs. and to put techno city as the last track, respecT!


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