Saturday, January 8, 2011

Free Oni!

Photograph: Goodyn Green

Oni Ayhun has made available two new tracks for free download. 'Under Western Eyes' is a 16 minute Oni workout - rambling, distorted and totally fucked up. At 4 minutes, 'Nablus' is more coherent, creating a slightly foreboding, almost ominous atmosphere. These two tracks are definitely Oni at his more extreme and experimental, but that's just fine with me.

More info at Oni Ayhun's site.


  1. whoar!....i'm still recovering from my first taste of this Chris. Very strong oscillating sound. I am reminded of the same eerie feelings i had when I heard that recording from 'white rabbit' that was posted on the blog last year. I was lucky enough to see him at Unsound in Poland a few months ago. He had a very similar opening 30 minutes to that of the mnml ssgl mix. He then kept the bpms up quite relentlessly to a happy swarm of people, myself included.

    I really like his take on sound. Really abrupt at a times. Definitely music as an intensified experience.

  2. Russ, get Oni to Labyrinth



  3. hey, I recognize that lavender-pink jumpsuit on the right! I saw Olof's girlfriend wearing that as they came out of Berghain a couple of summers ago…

    (also, the word verification for this comment was "fakin")


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