Sunday, December 27, 2009

sunday sounds

welcome to the last sunday of 2009.

butane - slow pitch vol. 1

nothing fancy, just great records put together. have a good one people.


  1. Shame it wasn't a mix, but great track selection.

  2. Yup - great set of records / tracks indeed, old and new. Not being mixed doesn't detract at all in my opinion.

  3. bloody hell - I'll update that and say a FANTASTIC set of tracks there. Some are absolute gold. All @ 282 kbps hence the big d/l. Score ! I'll scour the web for an eventual track list as there are some there that are must buys as WAV's.

  4. havent had a chance to listen to this yet but I love the picture which accompanies it heh

  5. What is that tune around 39 mins again? Kinda slightly jazzy melody with a beeping sound. I know it so well. Cant think of it now for the life of me though gah.

  6. i just saw this post and have to admitt (irrelevant to the text) that i am in love with the little chicken on this pic...

    how on earth did it cross your mind to up load this hunhen..?


  7. Gold star to the forehead if anyone can tell me who the vocalist is that did the gorgeous cover of Bruce Springsteen's "I'm on Fire".
    Also the low slung burner @ 1hr:28min ?
    I have to find a track listing !

  8. @Srdic: If you haven't found out the Springsteen cover yet, it's Bat For Lashes.

    Hearing that first track is making me want to digitise and upload a treasured tape of mine from the early 90s. It's a Coldcut Solid Steel show that I taped off London's Kiss FM, with guest selector Dave Cawley of Fat Cat records (before the label they were just a lovely record shop in a Covent Garden basement). It's an amazing journey through music, from Aphex to Sakamoto to Kraftwerk, Reload, The Doors, Peter Gabriel's soundtrack to Last Temptation Of Christ, Killing Joke, Global Communication etc. It's one of the true defining documents of my musical life.

    Now if only I could find some copies of Colin Dale's Abstract Dance/Outer Limits shows, also from Kiss FM at that period, I'd be a happy man.

  9. @ Harry - champion - thank you !
    Such a great track so now will buy it.
    Actually the whole Butane compilation is excellent and on high repeat.

    That Kiss FM mix you speak of is a wild and broad selection huh, especially so with Killing Joke in there. Do it !

    Thanks again.

  10. what a wonderful set of music!!
    any hope on a tracklist?

  11. @Srdic: As threatened, here's a link to the Coldcut / Fat Cat show I was talking about:
    There's a tracklist embedded in the iTunes Lyrics window, and I've written a paragraph about it here, which I might add to...

    I think this could be a really interesting topic to explore, as for people like me whose tastes were formed in the pre blog/podcast age, late night radio shows were incredibly important. But now when music is just so easy to get hold of, I can't remember the last time I listened to music radio. Everyone who reads this blog above the age of 30(?) must have at least a couple of taped radio shows that they can trace back their lifelong musical obsessions to. Mine go back to probably just 3 people, all originally late-night DJs: Tim Westwood, John Peel and Colin Dale.

  12. @Harry - cool ! I can see why it would have been such a defining moment for you back then. Great selection of quite mind bending tracks, even now.
    Not sure but I think it's the KJ track that I particularly love and will try and track down.
    I never got in to radio shows. Commercial radio never really did it for me and Australia didn't have a lot of good, non commercial choices back then (or if they did, I just wasn't aware).
    This is a great time capsule; Thanks for sharing.

  13. wish we would be back in school. wish you would have prepared that mixtape 4 me. would have taken u out for icecream ;) thanks

  14. Has anyone got any of the Colin Dale Kiss 100 FM Experimental Outer Limits shows from 1992/96? The tunes I'm looking for are unreal, there is alot of catchy stuff going on in each of the tunes. Can't find the show that had 'Alone it's me' by Abfahrts in. I know that one and a few other's like, The Children 'Freedom', The Hypnotist 'This House is mine', LHasa ' The Attic, if I can get that particular show, would be great. Have got the other tunes from that show buzzing in my head still but don't know the name of Artist or track. Am hoping someone else has got them recorded and still has the tapes all these years, wish I'd of kept them tapes, even better if someone has already uploaded them. The shows were not recorded at the Kiss FM and they don't have anything like that, that far back in there archives, someone must have recorded and still have them. Have been trying to find the tunes for quite a few years now. If anyone has got it please let me know? Thanks.


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