Wednesday, December 23, 2009

mnml ssgs mx45 - yves de mey

last year, benjamin brunn gave us a special christmas ssg mix. we really liked the idea, and thought it'd be nice to do it again this year. perhaps this will become an annual ssg tradition, who knows... like with brunn, we wanted someone who kind of fits with christmas, someone that combines a warm personality with beautiful music. in this regard, we thought yves de mey (eavesdropper) would be perfect. yves is known for his work under his own name, as eavesdropper, and along with peter van hoesen as sendai. earlier this year, he released 'lichtung', a beautiful 35 minute piece that is one of my favourite albums of 2009. i'm not sure how best to categorise it - abstract/ambient/experimental/whatever - it is lovely and worth tracking down on the line label. anyway, i was lucky to meet yves at labyrinth in september and have struck up a friendship with him since then. i've discovered the warmth of his music strongly reflects his character. he really is perfect for doing the christmas mix for us. this is what he said about the mix:

"I became interested in ambient music in the early days of Techno, when every party night had an ambient after-party as a counterweight for the mayhem, the sweaty club rooms and the chemically fueled body workout. For a lot of people, ambient was nothing more than audible wallpaper, but I was immediately fascinated by the ever-changing textures, the stripped down rhythms and tempo and the time and space those ambient tracks imposed on the listening experience. During the last 2 decades I've spent an incredible amount of time listening to minimal music, avant-garde, drones... finding out there's a huge scene of artists who are not afraid of making essential music, essential as in reducing compositions to fundamental elements that evoke emotions and state of being.

The request for an ambient mix came at a good time: wintertime. Probably my favorite season with its crisp air, cosy warmth inside, more dark than light, and the occasional snowy landscapes. I wanted to combine certain tracks that have a strong emotional connection,
music that often sounds like frozen moments in time, compositions that take you from the outside to the inside, from cold to warm. I allowed the majority of the tracks to take their time to develop, to go slowly, at the pace of a glacier... This music makes me think of how a snow blanket makes everything look more uniform, flattened in a way, but more brilliant. And at times it reminds me of how an environment's sound becomes muffled when covered in ice and snow."

not much more to add... apologies to everyone down in the southern hemisphere, who are currently in the middle of summer (i am still not used to december being so cold). but for them, this mix could work nicely late at night to cool off slightly...

mnml ssgs mx45: yves de mey
sendspace mirror

big thanks to yves for taking the time to produce this beautiful mix. for the moment he is working with peter van hoesen on their sendai project, and he recently started working on a new full album. with sendai he just released a various artists EP on time to express, and there is more to come next year. for more info, you can check his homepage.

that's it. a merry ssg christmas to you all!


  1. yves crafted a perfect "its a cold day in december and i'm curled up with a book and tea" mix here. loving it. nice and spacey, and quite eclectic.

    gold star, my friend!!

  2. We Love & miss you Yves ... Merry Xmas to everyone!!! Looking forward to another year of techno... this year has been a blast!

  3. Hey Yves, very nice! I am having a beautiful white Christmas in North Carolina, USA. Heading back to Tokyo soon for new years eve at Legato!

    Hope you have a nice holiday season!


  4. COIL for Christmas!! just started it, but it's off to a good start :D

  5. Really great mix. Im normally of the school that ambient music is, as Yves put it "wallpaper that you can listen to". This is something else though, dissonant and varied enough to be interesting. Not sure exactly what it is that attracts me to it really, definitely enjoying it though.

    Thanks a lot!

  6. Thank you all for your kind words, and glad you enjoy the mix. Sending warm wishes from Brussels, and party safe.


  7. thanks for the mix eaves. i'm sending you warm greetings from brussels to euuuh brussels as well ;D
    see / talk soon.

    merry christmas and happy new year to all. xx

  8. merry christmas to you all!

    warm wishes from tokyo...



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