Monday, December 21, 2009

mx44: eric cloutier - tracklisting

mnml ssgs mx44: eric cloutier

01. donato dozzy + lerosa - gas snake [apnea]
02. konrad black - a broken down mustang [240 volts]
03. iori - magnetic [prologue digital]
04. acid jesus - uraniumsmuggle [neuton]
05. kevin gorman - shakey (stripped) [mikrowave]
06. giorgio gigli - spazio [prologue]
07. david alvarado - blue [strive]
08. mike mind - resonate [turbo]
09. roberto bosco - login dub [mowar]
10. don williams - orderly kaos [a.r.t.less]
11. delano smith - this heart [mixmode recordings]
12. jesper dahlback - a day at work [svek]
13. baby ford - one for sorrow [background]
14. cheap + deep productions - tight [cheap + deep]
15. st. plomb - escape run [brut!]
16. obtane - thrilling love [prologue digital]
17. nuel - b1 [aquaplano ltd]
18. helical scan - index 1 [chain reaction]


  1. ley enough just before this was put up for dl a mate emailed me about that konrad black tune..."best one ever " he said...and then there it was.

    this mix was a bit deeper/darker than i expected....haven't found myself in the right headspace for it yet...but i will persist.

  2. ooh yeah ! so glad to get this. this mix captures everything i've been loving in techno in the last few months. glad to see that lerosa/dozzy release is getting some play. so good !

  3. seriously, i haven't heard a mix in a while where every track is a masterpiece to my subjective ears

  4. Baby Ford's "one for sorrow" was my highlight in this mix.

  5. "seriously, i haven't heard a mix in a while where every track is a masterpiece to my subjective ears"

    so true!

    lately i listened from here antony parasole's mix, and i felt the same way (about everytrackisamasterpiece!)



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