Monday, December 7, 2009

sunday sounds

something more upbeat this sunday. i don't have so many words right now, i just love this mix. for full disclosure, finn has invited me to contribute to one of his columns in the future. but this has nothing to do with why i'm posting this. there is just something in his dj'ing style that really appeals to me. it has a great pace and energy to it. and at a time when i'm getting sent so many dj mixes that sound the same, the distinctiveness of this mix really stands out.

finn johannsen - la maison des ingénieurs de l’aggro

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Odd Machine – Phase Out
Instra:mental – Leave It All Behind
Zomby – Tarantula
Stress – Down In The Dungeon
Shake – Indagoo
Dread & Fred – Warriors Advance
Posthuman – Callisto
Paul Du Lac- Blow Back
Ricardo Jefferson – The Egg (Part One)
Patrick Cowley & Jorge Socarras – Memory Fails Me (Oni Ayhun Remix)
Mark Grusane & Mike Cole Feat. Deanna – Time & Space (Vocal)
Marcello Napoletano – Space Voodoo
B.D.I. – City & Industry
Anthony “Shake” Shakir – Arise
The Oliverwho Factory – Disco Nights
Rennie Foster – Good Time Charlie
Octave One – A World Divided (Jupiter II Mix)
Gesloten Cirkel – When It’s Late
Iamthatiam – Inri
Moderat – Seamonkey (Surgeon Remix)
Patrick Cowley & Jorge Socarras – Soon (KiNK Remix)
Ben Klock – Ok (Kenny Larkin Remix)
Optic Nerve – Origins
Oni Ayhun - OAR003-B
San Proper – December 10th
Dan Curtin – Other
Tama Sumo & Prosumer – Alien Mutts
Kirk Degiorgio – Isidora
Roska – Sheppard
Lowtec – Angstrom
Peter Kruder – After The Dawn
As One – Freefall
Newworldaquarium – The Force (Âme Remix)
dBridge – Wonder Where
Kinf Midas Sound – One Ting (Dabrye Rmx)

have a good sunday people.


  1. interesting - i love the original version of ben klock's 'ok' so i'm interested to hear this remix in this context...

    what other mixes have people been bumpin'? i wanted to mention this mix by lucy (info and DL link at this link):
    it stays pretty intense throughout, but also atmospheric, and i'm sure the tracklist will appeal to some of the heads here...

  2. what is that sample at the beginning?

  3. finn sent me this message:

    The sample is actually the intro to that very same track by Odd Machine, but unfortunately there is no according credit on the sleeve. So please all further inquiries to Tobias Freund...

  4. it's from an interview with roger linn (who invented many legendary drum machines). more info here:

  5. and also i should say thank you to finn and mnmlssgs for this mix. interested readers might also like to check our herr johannsen's excellent modyfier mix also:

  6. All of Finn's mixes are quality, whether it be House, Disco or obscure Japanese synth-pop (Check his RBMA mix for this) or across the boards.

    IIRC, this is the re-named version of the live mix he did at a recent Macro Records party in Paris not too long ago.

    I also recommend everyone hunt out his Xth Floor Elevator mixes if you can find them. Well worth the chase, IYKWIM. And he's a top fella to boot. Just ask him about Glasgow 2005, Chris. He'll know

  7. This mix makes life better. It's too good for words!


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