Sunday, December 16, 2007

mumbling umm?

ok. one track i am currrently trying to work out is kabale und liebe and daniel sanchez - 'mumbling yeah'. this track is getting a lot of hype, play from all the right djs and has quickly become an anthem. RA felt it was good enough to deserve full marks:
but i dont quite see/hear it. the record is good, no doubt about it. but is it that good? i'm not so sure. i must admit i havent heard it out at a party - i am sure a big sound system would add to the very nice breakdown. but i am not sure that'd be enough to make me a convert... can someone please explain this one for me?

if you haven't heard it, you can listen to it here:

and here is karotte letting 10,000 people enjoy it:


  1. honestly I think the track sucks.
    1.the sounds are nothing special except that sample that comes twice or three times, but I was shocked to hear that much of 'bad taste'.so soundwise nothing special.
    2.the groove is maybe there for some people, but there's again nothing surprising and no variation at all in the beat, so it becomes boring after two seconds to me,maybe a couple more hours of work in the studio would have prevented that?
    3.the voice is annoying as hell since it says the same shit all the time and it sounds like a rip-off from a track of Isolee, don't remember the name but if I research I'd find the track. bottom line pretty boring track..but get the right promotion and obviously Rich etc to play it and there you are.anyway there's plenty of tunes out there that get too much hype for what they are so it fits perfectly with the other 'commercial' crap.

  2. Other than Kabale und Liebe being a mate & Pinksilver artist (shameless plug - the thing about this track is it absolutely gets the ladies going on the floor - I can perosnally attest to this - and it can provide a great change in direction during a set...4 out 5 for me.


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