Wednesday, December 12, 2007

best livesets of 2007

as part of the end of year exercise, one thing i want to do is put together some of the best livesets i've downloaded over the year. this list is incomplete, but it is a pretty good start. for my mind, the best thing i've heard all year is this set posted here from troy pierce. it has a really amazing depth to it. a very good example of what troy is capable of and why he is my favourite dj these days.

troy pierce @ comfort sessions, proton radio

01 Ambivalent - Star Chamber
02 Emd - Boys In The Backstreet
03 Gary Newman - Dans Le Parc (DJ Hell Remix)
04 T.g. - Cane The Speakers (Konrad Black Remix)
05 Richie Hawtin - Concept Vr 10 20 (Unreleased)
06 Jpls - Twilight 09
07 Mesak Haivenet - Haiven
08 Betrieb - Akt Mit
09 Heartthrob - Unknown Number (Troy's South Of Heaven Remix)
10 Heartthrob - Judy's Sweet And Juicey
11 Sleep Archive - Hospital 9
12 Run Stop Restore - Bassomatic
13 Son.sine - Upekah
14 House Of Black Dress - She Had No Aims, No Great Desires, Showed No Jealousy, Held No Grievances
15 Troy Pierce - Finnished
16 P.w.o.g. - Plastikman Remix
17 Hieb - Angriff Der Killerviren
18 Baby Ford - The Healing

gaiser @ antipop festival

barem vs seph @ flama events 29-06-2007
part 1:
part 2:

mountain people (serafin and rosso) @ rundfunk

matthew dear @ mary-anne hobbes, bbc

mark august @ ADHD Sessions, Amsterdam 26-10-2007

marcel dettmann @ planet delsin, amsterdam 05.10.2007

magda @ sunday adventure club, bar25
part 1:
part 2:



  1. Fuck yeah, that Proton Audio set is thee bomb. It's what it's all about.

    Another set that I really, really enjoyed was Mark August's DJ mix that's available here

    I really like the way August mixes right through the middle of tracks, and leaves the incoming mix high and loud. This is a very risky way of mixing that few people attempt at the moment, especially on their recorded mixes. When it works, it's extremely rewarding, and for my mind it works really well here.

    Dig it.

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  4. Try this link (take the space out):

  5. Damned if that Mountain People set isn't one of the best I've heard all year - get on it, seriously.

  6. fucking A, that dettmann set is luscious. anyone know what the string solo thing is that he layers over the top in the opening? or is it a part of the track he's playing?

  7. that mountain people set turns up for me as "andre rozzo aka peter dildo, live at the bedroom" -- is that the same thing or have i had a download fuckup?

  8. not sure about the dettmann id, will have another listen.

    as for the mountain people set, there are a couple floating around. the rundfunk fm one is serafin and rozzo. then there are two more tagged as rozzo live at the bedroom (same dj and location but different dates). will be posting on the mountain people in the next day or so and will post all the various links then...

  9. anyone know what the track is at around 20:00 on the mountain people rundfunk mix? kinda sounds like "beautiful life" with vocals borrowed from burial? but them maybe that's just the year-end-hell in me talking?

    anyways, that mix is one of my favorites of the year. just fantastic!

  10. Anyone have a tracklist for the Mountain People set??


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